How " demanding " are the dungeons?

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So I love MMO's a lot, but I absolutely hate doing dungeons with people who aren't friends (of which I have almost none who like games, let alone MMO's) because I'm not that great at them and they usually just end with me getting yelled at by someone. Okay, maybe not usually, but enough times that it's annoying.

This killed FF XIV for me. A game I adore but just can't play because no matter what I do, I am just awful at tanking, and the game has a lot of required dungeons with some of the most tank dependent (?) bosses I've ever seen. (In my defense though, the healer was sometimes blatantly the problem, but everyone just loves to blame the tanks for everything for some weird reason....Also tanking in FF XIV is just really weird and hard, I don't care what anyone says).

So yeah, am I gonna have the same problem with this game, or is it more " noob " friendly when it comes to dungeons? I can handle some difficulty, but man, when I have like 30 monsters and a really challenging boss on me all at once and I have to manage all of them at the same time, it's just waaaay too much for me. Also, I pretty much only play warrior type characters in games by the way because I just find that style of combat the most fun, so that's why I'm talking as if I'm gonna be a tank in case anyone's wondering.

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The point of dungeons is for them to be more difficult than the solo experience with rare exceptions; this was how it was originally and it has gradually waned in favor of your position; though at some point raids became easier than 5 mans almost across the board because the individual effort required for 90-95% of the players is absolutely miniscule; the proverbial herding of sheep. If you don't like dungeons don't do them; don't complain until they're just trivial grinding experiences. Obviously it's too late for that, but you get the idea.

If you don't like tanking then don't tank; DPS is almost exclusively faceroll material. Healing is easy if the tank is good and mildly difficult otherwise.

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Tanking is a lot stranger in ESO compared to other MMOs. Your job isn't to tank everything - that'll just get you and everyone killed. Instead, your job is to tank the toughest of each pack and let the DPS deal with all the little guys. For bosses, your job is usually to just focus on the boss, leave all but really challenging adds to DPS.

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So can this game not be played solo?

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@sterling said:

So can this game not be played solo?

I play the vast majority of the game solo, it's just the dungeons that tend to require assistance from strangers or friends (unless you're an absolute sadist). It is relatively easy to group up with strangers for them although, as with most games, it's a lot more fun with friends. You get dungeons which are tailored towards groups of four + some NPC assistance - others are public with large mobs of enemies and are normally populated enough with players for you not to require forming a group - there's normally enough players online in the area for enemies to be dealt with informally. Outside of the PvP stuff and the dungeons it seems to be designed to be tackled solo OR in groups (at least from what I've seen so far).

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