Is this the reason Jeff is/was out this week?

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The Bomb Crew was being pretty cagey about the reason for Jeff's absence this week during I Love Mondays and the Bombcast, which likely means that it's related to a game with a strict NDA (or maybe he just has a personal obligation, I dunno). We also know with certainty that Mr. Gerstmann needed to board a plane in order to reach this undisclosed location, as mentioned in both the Bombcast and ILM. Assuming that it is a game, this seems like one that warrants some attention, considering its high profile and lack of available information. But why the TES MMO now? Well, because this appeared about 8 hours ago: (warning: Jesse Cox, for those of you out there who dislike him), so it seems like some popular video game video content purveyors may have been invited to play an alpha build of the game. Also, since Zenimax Studios is located in Maryland, he would have needed to take a plane to get out there. I propose, then, that we will be hearing a little bit more about TESO in the near future.

So what does this all mean? Probably not much of anything, since we'll almost certainly be able to hear why he was gone next week either way, but it's fun to speculate! Also, Mr. Cox seems pretty positive about this early build, so maybe this game won't be a trainwreck or another boring-ass WoW clone? Almost certainly too soon to tell, in this duder's humble opinion. Anyway, feel free to share your thoughts or disproving evidence here.

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I had forgotten this game existed. I'm interested in learning more about the game, but I don't have high hopes.

Your idea is pretty speculative but who knows, maybe you're right.

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My initial guess was a review event of some kind, possibly for CoD:BLOPS 2 since I think every recent CoD game has had a review event.

I doubt it's Elder Scrolls Online since it doesn't come out until next year, and I doubt Jeff (or really anyone else for that matter) has much interest in it.

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It doesn't seem like something Jeff would cover, but maybe.

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This seems unlikely as Jeff just left, and the event Jesse went to was a few days ago at least. The CoD BLOPS 2 theory seems much more likely.

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I don't know, considering that Jeff isn't exactly huge on MMOs, I could see them saying no thank you to that.

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i just thought that he would be at a Halo 4 review event since it comes out in a week and a halfish.

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Aren't the VGA's soon? Did he need a bunch of time off for that in the past? Can't remember.

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@Village_Guy: Don't forget he spent $200 on an mmo not too long ago...

EDIT: Plus he quicklooked at the conspiracy mmo.

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Isn't he just gonna play game for game of the year stuff?

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Seriously doubt the game is a big enough deal to fly out and cover it.

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@Levio: I know, but Jeff is crazy, he seems like he will buy into anything game related.

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If you look at Jeff's activity feed he has Halo 4 achievements. Must be somthing to do with that right?

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Some big game this year that's still NDA'd. Lucky him, as Brad was the fall guy to review MOH Warfighter.

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God, I hope not. Seems like a waste of a perfectly good Jeff.

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