Luchadeer Crusaders Exclusivity Poll

Posted by Grimmie92 (159 posts) 1 year, 10 months ago

Poll: Luchadeer Crusaders Exclusivity Poll (40 votes)

Only accept Giant Bomb Users who have applied on the forums 23%
Recruit only Giant Bomb Users but allow the friends and family of members to join even if they arent fans of the site themselves 55%
Screw Exclusivity, lets strive to be the biggest guild in the game and recruit anyone and everyone in /z chat 23%
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Well, to chime in from someone who plays Guild Wars 2 and talks on Mumble with the people that still plays the game (including shinboy who runs the guild) you can go for a combo of the first two. The second option becomes an issue when you begin to creep up on the guild cap (if there is one in that game) and you have to start turning away duders who use the site a bunch. What ended up happening in GW2, due to a large number of people joining in the first 3 months, the guild leaders made a secondary guild to handle the overflow of people; the second guild was basically a hold over for those that couldn't get into the main guild until there was room (but still allowed fellow bombes to play and communicate with each other), which involved "cleansing" the guild of people who no longer came online and played.

I guess I would try the second option for a while and see how it treats you.

#2 Posted by Grimmie92 (159 posts) -

@insane_shadowblade85: the population cap is 500 i think, with this games reception on Giant Bomb, i doubt that will be an issue but thanks and yeah ill go with friends and family of duders now.

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