Luchadeer Crusaders Guild

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Ok, so the guild is now sitting on 18 members as i write this, we need 50 for the guild store and it would be great if we could reach that.

Theres a few people that have asked for invites but they havent been online at a time when i could reach them, Ill get to you as soon as possible, hang in there :)

Theres a few things i wanted to ask your guys opinion so i will post them here as polls so that we can get a majority vote opinions, if youre not in the guild, please dont vote as i kinda need this info to be representative of what the guild members want.

1. It seems Cross-Alliance Members cannot group together for dungeons so we need to decide what to do about that:

2. We have 4 customisable guild Ranks, it would be nice to have a consistent GB theme to each of these ranks, the character limit is 16 characters, adding suggestions to the comments below would be really appreciated

3. I've been pondering how exclusive the guild should be, do we accept only GB Users, do we allow friends and family to join or do we just say screw exclusivity and start spamming recruitment messages in /z chat?

4. What permissions should each rank of members have access to? i assume we are all trustworthy here so ive tried to make it as open as possible so far but if someone has any suggestions id love to hear them below, screenshot of available permission below

Thanks guys!

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Would love to join you guys but playing as Daggerfall Covenant. Does anyone know what the guild store functionality will be like? Last I heard was that you had to be in Cyrodiil to use it so no cross-faction guild store business, but that could be wrong or have changed.

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Just an FYI, you can join up to 5 guilds in game.

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@psychonautics: Your faction does not matter as far as guilds go, they are account-wide. However you cannot group with people of a different faction.

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@spiralcut: Ya, I understand that. Just wondering if there is anything cross-faction functionality besides chat. In game username is @ Phlea if someone wants to invite.

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As for Number 1. That would be nice to decide fast since I just started and with only level 8 I can still start from the beginning. But switching later on would be kind of though for me... Honestly I do not care that much of which Alliance but an overall one would be great. Luckily my internet was all fucked up today so I could not play much more^^

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So here is the deal. Yes, only same alliance can group. However when you join a guild it is account based not character based. So you can create a character of whatever alliance you need to group. Second once we get some more members we should probably have enough people in all three alliances that we can group up for some stuff without too much hassle.

Besides that alliance is really a non issue. You can still do pvp with anyone in guild regardless of faction, you just fight for the Aldmeri Dominion because that's what our guild is based in. Also you can mail cross faction, chat, sent tells, blah blah. The only thing actually blocked by being different factions is grouping.

If grouping is a major issue I suppose we could ask people to restart as aldmeri dominion. If we want to go this far doing it now is better than doing it later since non pre order buyers haven't even played yet and the game has only been out 3 days.

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@karkarov: yeah thats why i wanted to set this up quickly, it seems nobody wants to make the guild exclusively AD, its either, screw it lets just have all types or make everyone play DC

I agree if we get enough members its totally not worth it, and im certainly gonna have an alt in each faction so ill be questing with everybody anyway.

At this point we just need to see how many people we can get, which is also why i was wondering about the exclusivity, ill give these polls a day or 2, then we will have a discussion in guild chat i suppose

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@psychonautics: the guild store and bank are both accessible by any alliance member of said guild, the thing with cyrodiil (the pvp thing) is that if you have a guild store, and you control a keep in cyrodiil, non members can come and browse your wares.

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Hi all! Just an idea for the ranks, but the FF XIV GIant Bomb guild had some good ideas for the ranks. I can't remember em all, but new recruits were "Interns" (that one one still makes me chuckle) and regular members were "Duders". I forget how they organized officers and guild leader, but I'm sure everyone can come up with something appropriately rad.

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Hmm did something happen to the guild system? It shows me the create or join a guild screen again also my ID seems to be gone?

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@darji said:

Hmm did something happen to the guild system? It shows me the create or join a guild screen again also my ID seems to be gone?

They turned off guilds and I think friends just like they did with mails before. My guess is that those two systems are somehow tied to some of the major bugs that forced them to shut down the server (people losing their entire bank, logging in to other peoples characters).

Mail was turned off because there were some bug that apparently allowed you to use it to duplicate items.

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@psychonautics said:

Just an FYI, you can join up to 5 guilds in game.

I've read this elsewhere and still don't understand it. You mean you can join 5 different player guilds/clans at once? Or are you including NPC guilds like Fighters Guild, Mages Guild?

Also @grimmie92, why would anyone ever want to leave the rank of VinnCo Tester? :D Seems like that's something to aspire to, rather than the default newbie rank.

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@burningstickman: you can join any and all npc "guilds" as in mages/fighters/undaunted and 5 player guilds on top of that, you dont need to choose a primary guild neitherm you just use /g1 /g2 /g3 etc to use the different chat channels and there are dropdown menus for guild banks and stores and your guild UI as well

Im currently in a 4 man guild with just my IRL mates in it so we can find eachother easily, a trading guild that lets me sell stuff until the Luchadeer guild unlocks guild store and obviously, im the leader of Luchadeer Crusaders.

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@Slyspider an invite would be awesome :D

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Can I get an invite? @Spraynard_kruger. I have a friend who would join but he isn't a user here. Can he get in? I voted in the poll for that option.

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yep, inviting friends was in the lead by a mile so we are accepting friends and family of users, sent you a whisper ingame but you werent online, or spelled your name wrong above, will keep trying

see ya ingame!

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@grimmie92: try spraynard kruger maybe then. thanks!

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@spraynardtatum: You cant have [Spaces] in your User ID on ESO, if you flick me a friend request i can recieve those even while im offline, then i can send you an invite when i see you log in, my user id for the game is @Grimmie92

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The guild is awesome so far. Had fun talking with you guys over the weekend in game. The guild ranks are sweet too!

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@ttocs: Thanks ttocs, its good i finally managed to get a hold of you, very elusive!

Glad you are enjoying the guild, we finally unlocked the story so hopefully we can have some "buying, selling.. trading" going on soon.

Servers are about to go down but I'll see you all on the other side!

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@grimmie92: Great! I'll send you a friend request when I get off work tonight.

Thanks friend!

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Hey I would love to play with you guys, @clumthumb if someone wouldn't mind sending an invite.

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I would like an invite my user id is kingkrueger691.

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I'd love an invite @Nevisi


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I'm down for hunting mudcrabs. Shoot an invite to @Arkkazeal

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Are people from Europe and NA in the same server? Cause I would like to join, but I'm from Scandinavia.

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@phantomgardener: Not sure if you've found the answer since posting. The NA and Euro servers are separate, but you can choose which one you want to play on in the launcher. I don't think you are currently able to transfer characters though, so if you've already started on Euro, you would have to start over after switching.

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Yeah, I figured that out. Too bad tho, I'm already on the EU one, and to high lvl, so I don't wanna start over right now.

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