[Official] Luchadeer Crusaders GB Recruitment NA Server

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#1 Edited by Grimmie92 (157 posts) -

Hey guys,

The number of members we have already accepted is truly far greater than i ever expected for such an Exclusive group, especially from Giant Bomb users who are generally speaking not fans of the genre, and there are more of you wanting to join almost every day.

In saying that I've recently become overwhelmed by the number of methods by which people are trying to get in touch with me for invites and I have reached a state where i spend almost half an hour checking all the various Forum threads, my Mailbox on the site, my In-game mail and in-game Friends list to see if can catch people while theyre online, this is especially hard because im living in New Zealand and am often online at times when the US of A is fast asleep.

So, this is my sollution:

If you wish to join the Luchadeer Crusaders use the following steps in this order:

1. Comment below with your in-game user ID
(ie. @ExampleBrad)

2. Add me using the in-game Friends/Contacts system using my account ID
(Press "O" to open your friends list then press "E" to Add Friend)

  • @Grimmie92

3. Send a whisper to myself or one of our Unprofessional Co-Leaders by using the /t command in the chat bar of the game
(ie. /t @ExampleVinny Your Message Here)

  • @Grimmie92
  • @DeathTrap82
  • @Karkarov

As long as you perform the above steps you will get in as soon as we can reach you.

Note: If you have already contacted me and are waiting to join I have a list of names and will regularly try contacting you, please hang in there.

#2 Edited by Omega (878 posts) -

Sounds fun I'd love to join up.


To those who may not know you can join up to 5 separate player guilds so if you're already in one don't do anything crazy like /leaveguild just to join the giant bomb one.

#3 Edited by Karkarov (3387 posts) -

@omega I sent you a friend invite in game, when I see you online I will get you into the guild!

#4 Posted by Omega (878 posts) -

@karkarov: Cool thanks getting online right now.

Your avatar makes you the best person on this forum by the way. Mako is my hero.

#5 Edited by Ladnar (209 posts) -

Would love to play with some fellow duders.

User ID: @Ladnar

Thanks for the invite and setting this up.

#6 Posted by GeneralGrey (82 posts) -

I'd love to join. Starting the steps now: @GeneralGrey

#7 Posted by SundevilRip (37 posts) -

Hey man thanks for doing this!

User ID: @SundevilRip

#8 Edited by Do_The_Manta_Ray (931 posts) -

Purchased the game almost on a whim, and have found myself genuinely enjoying it. Add me when you get a chance, mate, and thanks for all the work!

User ID: @BlackmooreX

#9 Edited by kylekrueger (132 posts) -

user id: kingkrueger691 would love to join the crew.

#10 Posted by Binny (105 posts) -

User ID: binfodus

#11 Posted by BurningStickMan (243 posts) -

@burningstickman is ready to give Molag Bal the what for.

#12 Edited by Dalerax (76 posts) -

Joining a guild and having friendlies to talk to is definitely my best chance at enjoying an MMO and continuing to play it.

I'm @Dalerax.

#13 Posted by waltig (2 posts) -

I'd love to join!

My userid is @waltig.

#14 Posted by gaftra (197 posts) -

be great to join!

userid is @hebber

#15 Edited by devoidcheeks (36 posts) -

like you said - not a big mmo guy - but have always wanted one that would hold my attention could be it

user id: @devoidcheeks

#16 Posted by Grimmie92 (157 posts) -

got a tonne of friend requests this morning, great to see people picking up the game, servers are down atm unfortunately and i have to go to work soon but ill try getting in touch with you guys asap, try whispering me if you see me log in as my friends list is a massive mess atm

#17 Posted by Evilsbane (5182 posts) -
#18 Edited by futureman (30 posts) -


Really enjoying this game, thought the GB crowd might be fun to play with.

#20 Edited by Hedrox (6 posts) -


Loving the game, look forward to playing with fellow duders.

#21 Posted by Zubinni (4 posts) -

user id: @Zubinni

#22 Posted by Hunkadunkasaurus (234 posts) -

Count me in!


#23 Posted by scottp (297 posts) -

Im a lvl 18 nightblade atm

add me


#24 Posted by Sanitysend (94 posts) -

would love to join!


#25 Edited by HPThugcraft (8 posts) -

Sounds cool, if you are still looking I would like to join


#26 Posted by DrChi (37 posts) -

Love to join.


#27 Posted by ladyface (2 posts) -

Super yes please!

@Ladyface, and my husband @Mental_Elemental

#28 Posted by fox01313 (5178 posts) -

Still sitting through the install but glad to play with other GB users, username=@Fox01313

#29 Posted by Witcherman (2 posts) -

Would love to join! :)


#30 Posted by DrPeatore (39 posts) -

I'm pretty casual but I'd like to group with some duders.

User ID


#31 Posted by Grimmie92 (157 posts) -

I dont know if anybody is still playing, but now that TI4 is over im no longer glued to playing dota so I should be on from time to time, I'll keep checking here for new comers, otherwise see you in-game!

#32 Posted by Binny (105 posts) -

@grimmie92: I will catch up with you sometime since we are about the same level and all. Did you explore all of Coldharbour yet? I still have a few things to do there.

#33 Posted by Grimmie92 (157 posts) -

@binny: got most of it done this week but i have been hanging out there for a while anyway, got a couple of caves to go still

#34 Posted by ShapeOfDespair (62 posts) -

I don't play a ton, but it'd be cool to have other to play with. Maybe i'd play more then.

UserId: @EchoesFromRlyeh

#35 Posted by oneangryzeus (57 posts) -

userid: eloheim

Just bought this. Hopefully you all are still active?

#36 Edited by mason_pat (68 posts) -

By the looks of this forum it's not active, if anyone has updated information please post!

#37 Posted by DeathTrap (337 posts) -

Grimme and I still are ☺

#38 Posted by Silver-Streak (1563 posts) -

I just reinstalled my client and logged in. Thanks you guys for not kicking me due to inactivity. Now I have to figure out how to set up my templar again. Foreverrrrr.

#39 Posted by streetninja (181 posts) -

Just started playing for the first time. My ID is PastaGeddon.

#40 Posted by AWittyName (7 posts) -

@ JPDevo I wanna guildy too

#41 Posted by Taklulas (423 posts) -

So is this Guild still a thing? I'm @Taklulas In game if so.

#42 Posted by getwimmy (50 posts) -

My in-game ID is @jibblypuff, if this is still a think :)

#43 Posted by Bezerker85 (117 posts) -

After not playing the game since launch i've gotten back into it. My Id is @Bezerker85 if the group is still a thing.

#44 Posted by Mustainium (265 posts) -

Apologies for the late bump but, will this group be for consoles as well?

#45 Edited by ttocs (857 posts) -

I'm looking to find this out as well. I've love to join the guild if it's on the consoles.

#46 Posted by Bumbuliuz (213 posts) -

Is there a comparable PS4 EU server guild? Would love to play with some GB people :)

#47 Edited by ZeeL (47 posts) -

@grimmie92 If the guild is still around, I'd love to get myself and my wife in. We just picked it up. My ID is @Zalandas.

#48 Posted by Pahn121 (34 posts) -

@mattmcard is my ingame name

#49 Posted by bacchusxl (6 posts) -

sounds rad I'm in for sure @bacchusxl

#50 Posted by Malarkain (112 posts) -

Just got the game, @Malarkain

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