Release Date Leak?

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100% absolutely yes this is true and correct and the release date is going to be august 2 2013. yep

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@bwheeeler: 8th February. It's a UK site :)
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Called a placeholder.

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1. There's no way an MMO project of this size is going to be coming out that soon. Even if it's been in development for a long time, it's not going to be late 2013 at the earliest, but 2014-ish seems more probable.

2. Retail sites guess use "ball park" dates, this has been common practice for years. It's nothing but a complete guess and there's no reason to assume they know more than we do.

3. If it were coming out in February, we'd know by now and there'd be far more information and details about the game.

4. Are there actually people looking forward to it?

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@WinterSnowblind: Good question.
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@Renrawr yeah I'm gonna assume that this is just a random place holder. If anything it allows stores to take in pre-orders now just to get some of that money in sooner.
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@WinterSnowblind said:

4. Are there actually people looking forward to it?

I'm pretty sure there's a small crowd that eats up every single notable MMO that comes out, so that group will probably buy this. For some reason, I hesitate to call it "anticipation"; more like "something to do between the cradle and grave."

Regardless, I don't care about it. I don't care about WoW, I didn't care about SWTOR, and I won't care about this. Now, if they suddenly change this format to Skyrim in first person MMO format, then we can start talking.


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