Watching developer/marketing interviews is painful

#1 Posted by sdharrison (519 posts) -

These surrogates trying to sell the game look like deer staring into headlights. They're trying to sell a really really great MMO from 3 or 4 years ago. TOR has done story. GW2 has changed pricing and fundamental tropes. WoW dominates with scope of content. I see a lot of subject changing, obfuscating, and agreeable "of COURSE we will have that..." material but very little confidence.

I don't have a point per say, but I think it's interesting to talk about a marketing campaign like this that rather transparently seems to be fighting an uphill battle. TES Online seems like a victim of itself.

#2 Posted by takayamasama (587 posts) -

I haven't seen anything marketing TES: Online. Any references to what you are talking about?

#3 Posted by Funkydupe (3459 posts) -

I just found that it looked so similar to TOR in those early screenshots a little off-putting. I haven't followed this game since the announcement. I agree that it might not have much worth in terms of innovation, but it might still turn out okay.

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Right from the beginning it was stuff like "Yeah, we licensed the Hero Engine, BUT..." They are going to spend so much time defending their design choices and justifying the game's existence to fans.

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Can we at least wait until we actually see an MMO before we start bashing it?

#6 Posted by sdharrison (519 posts) -

If you don't want to discuss the topic, feel free not to. It's entertaining to go over things that intrigue my brain. I think this subject is intriguing in concept. Is that ok with you?

#7 Posted by Funkydupe (3459 posts) -

@CL60: Fair point.

#8 Posted by Zuldim (298 posts) -

@CL60 said:

Can we at least wait until we actually see an MMO before we start bashing it?

We've seen a fair bit of it so far, between it's mild E3 presence, and the Game Informer article, and what's been shown off has looked really same-y and dull. It's pretty obvious that the developers had some good ideas for the time they started the project, but that this sort of game just isn't being successful any more. I praised The Secret World pre-release because it looked different, but what we have here is a typical fantasy MMO, piggybacking off a popular franchise (like many others have before it).

Unless by "see it" you mean "play it". In that case, my answer remains the same. If you're willing not to get excited about any game until you're actually reading reviews about it, or playing it yourself, good for you, that's smart, go for it. Doesn't lead to much interesting discussion though, and in that case, I'd say stay off of the forums for a game that hasn't been released yet.

I don't think this topic was "bashing" it, the OP raised some good points. "Bashing" it would be yelling about how all MMO's suck and not listing a reason, but saying that the developers seem like they're in over their heads is a perfectly valid opinion, worth discussing. Discussion can't hurt.

In short: Yeah, we can, but why should we have to? We've already seen enough to know that their initial offering is incredibly underwhelming, and that's enough to make an educated guess that the end product won't be very good. If this is what they're launching with, we have to assume that they don't have many exciting tricks up their sleeves beyond "Hey, it's an Elder Scrolls MMO". If they have hooks which make the game super interesting, great, I'd love to hear about them, why weren't those the things you announced the game with? This game looks dull. That is the fault of the developers one way or the other, either because they made a dull game, or they're only showing off the dull elements. If SWTOR (an MMO I really like, for the record) hadn't shown off it's conversation mechanics and flashpoints early on, I would have dismissed that as just another WoW clone too.

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TES online seems like the first casualty of the MMO slump whose developer/publisher seems to know it for what it is beforehand instead of the bombast and frippery surrounding TOR & GW2. They're not aggressively marketing the game, their PR people seem inexperienced and unconvinced... has this been in development for too long to get shelved at this point?

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