Would have preferred a playstyle closer to Borderlands...

#1 Posted by StriderJ87 (294 posts) -

This is merely my own opinion, but MMO's in general have never done it for me. Viewing the gameplay footage available, I know its an unfinished product but it is failing to impress me. The animation and gameplay seem clunky and poor.

I am a big fan of Elder Scrolls as a series, and I would have been far more interested in a more polished and focused experience not unlike Borderlands. Build up a small party of your friends and embark on quests within Tamriel.

With a lower player count, I would hope that the netcode would be smoother and we could get graphics, animation and physics on par with or better than Skyrim. But as it stands, it just looks like another bland clunky MMO.

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This is the majority of the opinions I see. Wanted to want this game but I can't make myself

#3 Posted by casper_ (915 posts) -

yeah im pretty sure nobody really wanted this game.

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Defiance is sort of Borderlands-y and reasonably fun; you can get it for like 5 bucks now and will probably get like 40 hours of enjoyment out of it.

#5 Posted by The_Ruiner (1379 posts) -

I would have preferred 4 player Skyrim.

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Well, my experience with the beta was that it played better than your average Elder Scrolls. Bad for an MMO, but compared to Skyrim ... ? If you wanted a group based Elder Scrolls there are other things than the gameplay that will make it a disappointing experience. I mean, if you're talking about clunky and poor melee combat I wouldn't exactly bring out Elder Scrolls as an example of how to do it right.

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@ares42: Oh, I'm well aware of Elder Scrolls inherent clunkiness. I just think this looks worse than the usual.

#8 Posted by ShaggE (7300 posts) -

A sword that, when reloaded (resharpened?), flies through the air slashing people and then explodes? Yeah, I'd play that.

#9 Posted by BisonHero (8636 posts) -

So like, one actual skill/spell, and the rest are just passives? Sounds kinda boring.

#10 Posted by Clonedzero (4206 posts) -

I could not get into borderlands 2. It felt like a chore to me to play. Generic shooting. Awful loot drops. (why does everything have a god damn sniper scope? ON A SHOTGUN? come on wtf is this garbage?) The humor was eitehr just "pretty funny" or "so awful you wanna turn the game off" (double rainbow joke? REALLY? UGH) I never finished borderlands 2. Its honestly a part of the very few games i own that i never finished and probably never will.

But saying its not like borderlands gives me hope, because i cannot for the life of me figure out the appeal of that awful game.

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Sigh. Why are people so eager to randomly shit on this game specifically? It's like the Steam Machine of games.

After 2 beta weekends, I think the controls are great and the graphics (for an MMO with a realistic style) are pretty nice. And you can party up with three other people and do exactly what you're describing, just with some other folks running around. OP, if you don't like MMOs in the first place, why even bother to voice an opinion about this?

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I'd be highly surprised if future Bethsoft games such as Elder Scrolls VI wouldn't have some kind of *Dark Soulsian* multiplayer component.

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I really don't have high expectations for this one. But I am really curious to see how a console MMO handles itself these days. If it were a PC exclusive like most other MMOs I'd be a lot more confident in its failure, but who knows? Maybe the console market will be enough to keep it chugging along for a little bit? Probably not. It hasn't worked particularly well in the past, and I'm not exactly sure what this one is doing to stand out. As a casual observer, they're not really doing anything to tell me this isn't just another re-skinned WOW with two or three unique features.

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I too would love to have an Elder Scrolls to embark on with a friend. Playing through Borderlands (or Saint's Row) with my brother is such a fun time, and whenever I was playing Skyrim I kind of wished I could coop that game too. To me it doesn't need to make the story even take the coop aspect into account (just look at Saint's Row), just make it work. I have no real interest in an MMO these days, and I've always felt like this Elder Scrolls MMO is Bethesda completely misssing the point.

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@clonedzero: The OP doesn't mean the mechanincs or the shooting , he's talking about the multiplayer style. As in 4 player coop but other wise the gameply remains the same as Skyrim as opposed to an mmo will all the inherent shittieness of mmo gameplay. Read their post instead of just looking at the title.

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