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My girlfriend really loves Skyrim. I liked it a great deal as well, but over time I got bored with it. She, however, still plays it today. Creating new characters and role playing it in several ways and such. What she really likes about it, is that she can choose to do things in any order she wants and go to certain places whenever she wants. It allows her to create a character that she can roleplay. For example, when she creates a mage, she often goes to the college of Winterhold (I think it's called) first. When she creates a stealthy chick, she goes to the Thieves Guild first. Sometimes she switches up her playstyle midgame.

Would the Elder Scrolls Online be a good game for her? I'm thinking about buying it for her and paying for the first two months or something like that. But I'm not sure how the game is structured. If it's traditional MMO style than she may not like it as much as Skyrim I think. Just because she'll be forced to play certain parts first and is stuck to a class and/or abilities.

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Sounds like she enjoys the more personalized game play options that the single player ES games have. Maybe someone more familiar with ESO can tell you if that game shares some of those qualities

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@wolfgame: it's a real mix bag. Some zones are very spot on quality wise giving you a very elder scrolls experience. The first full high elf zone was fantastic. Gives you a good story with good characters. You find the threads by exploring the world and most of the quests were really unique. Lots of talking to npcs and doing dungeons, stuff you do in a normal elder scrolls game. The Nord zone on the other hand was completely flipped and felt exactly like every other mom where you were just doing collection quests. It felt entirely different, almost like it was made by different people altogether. I played for a few weeks and got passed those starting areas and them the quality flipped for both. Now the high elf zone had worse quests and the nords better. It was odd and kind of up me off of it. I don't know if I would recommend it or not.

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I heard sometime ago that it was a mess. I played the beta a few months back and it was actually fun, had a ton of similarities to Skyrim. I didn't play it too long though since I wont be able to buy the game myself as I don't have a decent enough PC to play it, but when I played the beta, it was like Skyrim.

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