Zenimax lifts NDA for all players

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Zenimax has finally lifted their NDA in full, previously it was lifted for only specific media outlets, but as of today the beta/alpha players of ESO can express their opinion on the state of the game however they see fit, this seems to include video coverage and screenshots. Hopefully this starts a respectful exchange of ideas that assist Zenimax/Bethesda in beginning to work on numerous issues that the community has been unable to properly convey as problems.


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i heard the pvp sucks, can anyone confirm?

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i heard the game sucks, can anyone confirm?

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@pie said:

i heard the game sucks, can anyone confirm?

Everything I have heard from people playing the beta is how terrible it is.

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It's WoW with a clunky first person mode.

Discussion end

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It's WoW with a clunky first person mode.

Discussion end

But WoW is successful.

It's The Old Republic with a clunky first person mode.

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Zero chance the end game is going to be interesting, same problem pretty much every single mmo other than Everquest and WoW have had, you need endgame raiding to attract the raiders, and you need the raiders as a basis for your community keeping casuals interested.

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Whoop de doo..... right in time for Titanfall coverage, or maybe it will work for people who are over saturated with titanfall coverage?

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NDA lifted?

It sucks

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From the few hours I played it seemed like Oblivion with a less interesting story, worse combat, completely arbitrary factions that make no sense from what we know about the Elder Scrolls universe, and gameplay that seems to revolve around spending 75% of your time opening containers with bad items in them.

If that sounds like it's worth paying up front plus a monthly subscription, well good luck and have fun.

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I've only heard bad things from my friends that played the beta. I just hear it's a broken mess. Sounds like it's more broken than most loud betas (betas that a lot of people know about) that come out these days.

People are making it seem dire, but I'm not sure how much of that is the game, because its a beta, or people just wanting it to fail.

So, we'll see I guess. I would like to see an objective write up of someones experience with it, though.

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It's baaaaad. The combat is not fun and none of the missions were interesting.You have gotta really love the Elder Scrolls universe to get anything from this and even then that's not saying much.

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I love Elder Scrolls, and kind of still enjoy MMOs - I DO have TWO active MMO subs currently! *cough*

ESO is... not so good. Nothing I saw in the beta was even mildly interesting. It's pretty damn boring all around.

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