100+ Things You've Learned Playing Skyrim (Spoiler Free Edition!)

#151 Posted by Aus_azn (2272 posts) -

150. Guards will complain to you about your screaming at the most inopportune times.

#152 Posted by metalsnakezero (2586 posts) -

151. The best horse comes from the black depths of a pool of water.

#153 Posted by Vager (1675 posts) -

152. Dragons can attack instanced cities. You are never safe outside!

#154 Posted by Merrosh (6 posts) -

153. Dragons have some skill flying, even backwards!

#155 Posted by BlinkyTM (1057 posts) -

154. Dragons like flying in tiny little circles and don't care if you shoot them the entire time.

Looks like this o

#156 Posted by fetchfox (1498 posts) -

155. Every Nord in Skyrim descend from Arnold if you judge by their tongue.

#157 Posted by dablemont (95 posts) -

156. Giants are also dragonborns. I saw one destroying a dragon while I was fleeing from it.

#158 Posted by fox01313 (5176 posts) -

157. You can get a bounty put out for you if you go to a farm outside town in the day, cast fury on one of the two chickens & one of them dies.

158. On the 360, press & hold A to pick up items (yes level 20+ something & just found out).

159. People imagine that they are hearing things as well as the arrow you just shot into them.

160. Using the dragon shout dash move enough times in Solitude (while overencumbered to get to the vendors) will sometimes result in a guard telling you to stop using the dragon shout.

#159 Posted by SpawnMan (663 posts) -

161. Butterflies in jars will never die. Even if you throw the jar down a cliff or in water.

#160 Posted by sesquipedalophobe (183 posts) -

162. Companions will survive being thrown thousands of feet in the air by giants and die by the flippers of magical walruses.

#161 Posted by Poost (85 posts) -

163. Summoned zombies and atronachs will always get stuck in the previous room and will charge in only after you clear the next room alone.

#162 Posted by Brazooka (18 posts) -

164. Glowing mushrooms look like jellyfish.

#163 Posted by BlinkyTM (1057 posts) -

165. Blunt weapons can decapitate people.

#164 Posted by QKT (254 posts) -

166. bystanders like to get in the way of your brawl and cause everyone to kill you with magic and weapons.

#165 Posted by NakAttack (1329 posts) -

167. Dont get into a drinking match in riften.

#166 Posted by mosdl (3388 posts) -

168. If you kill a dragon and it falls into a lake, nearby npcs will swim to the remains and start talking about it while swimming....forever.

#167 Posted by Ghostiet (5700 posts) -

169. Horses are fearless warriors who will charge into anything, including dragons.

170. Number 169 requires a fucking mod.

#168 Posted by Redbullet685 (6217 posts) -

171. I need to play more of this game!

#169 Posted by Flaboere (386 posts) -

172. Something I just learned today,if you steal something from and NPC, they get pissed. However, you're free to lift said item, walk around with it behind a house where no-one can see you, then take it. No problem. Out of sight, out of mind.

"Didn't my house used to be full of stuff before someone put this kettle on my head? Oh well."

#170 Posted by dvand987 (89 posts) -

Rule # 173. There is no inner-monologue among the people of Skyrim.

[When there is one guard or bandit all by themselves.] "Is someone there!?" (stay still in sneak until you are hidden) "Oh, I guess not. I could have swore I heard something."

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174. Sneaky archers with terrible aim can actually stay alive longer in this game. Arrows make sounds that can distract some enemies away from your position if they haven't [Discovered] you yet. Fun situations to be had by all.

175. Enemies backtracking into their own trip-wires is glorious. Kudos to one not-so-smart Bandit especially as he triggered a trap with a huge ram mounted in the ceiling that sent him flying over my head across the room where he crash-landed in some nice wooden furniture.

#172 Posted by Schmollian (317 posts) -

176: The people in Skyrim are prettier than the people of Cyrodil. I learned this from M'aiq the Liar.

#173 Posted by selbie (2112 posts) -

177. Kids will think you're playing hide and seek if you put a kettle over their head.

#174 Posted by Yanngc33 (4551 posts) -

178. Skyrim doesn't like it when I try to do university papers

#175 Posted by Talis12 (522 posts) -

179. Playing a drinking game will make you not remember

#176 Posted by ShiftyMagician (2167 posts) -
180. Skyrim is good enough to take over the site activity section of the front page. Good job guys!
#177 Posted by imsh_pl (3577 posts) -

180.The thief etiquette requires you to let a person finish a conversation before you pickpocket them.

#178 Posted by VodkaMedia (42 posts) -

181.) I smell like a wet dog, or so most guards have told me.

182.) I may shout all I want, and may keep doing so if and ONLY if... I promise not to.

#179 Posted by RPGee (775 posts) -

183. There may or may not be ghost rape going on in Yngvild.

All I'm saying is that guy was getting pretty close to a ghost, you know what I mean?

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184. People in Skyrim love caves. Bandits and necromancers love to live in them, everyone else loves to send the Dragonborn into one.

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185. When going for a stealth kill it always pays to approach from the back and double tap.

#182 Posted by Nux (2558 posts) -

186. Guards will let you kill a mission target in town if you attack first then put your weapon away and then will let you kill said target as long as he is the one attacking you.

#183 Posted by briangodsoe (498 posts) -

187. All it takes to become a successful blacksmith is to just bang out Iron Daggers and Leather Greaves until you one day just figure out how to make everything.

#185 Posted by Xdsk (278 posts) -

189. Stealing things that are already stolen is not classed as stealing.

This happened to me a couple of times in Riften, the townsfolk bum rushed and murdered a thief. So i went into his inventory and emptied everything of value.

#186 Posted by MsAtheism (37 posts) -

190. Horses have Spider DNA... I swear!

#187 Posted by natetodamax (19421 posts) -

191. A total stranger can be convinced to marry you if you complete one small and simple task for them, such as collecting bear pelts.

#188 Posted by Levius (1323 posts) -

192. Shouting in bars will always lead to good advice.

#189 Posted by TheDudeOfGaming (6115 posts) -

193. Heavy armor, restoration, destruction and speech are still a bitch to level. Along with enchanting and alchemy. fml.

#190 Posted by Rusputin (79 posts) -

194. Bears have AIDS, and it is highly contagious. I hate bears.....

#191 Posted by Jonnyflash80 (526 posts) -

195. If you get into a brawl with someone for money, make sure not to punch the guy again after the fight has concluded. Especially when there are 5 or 6 city guards in the area.

#192 Posted by lennoxxx (27 posts) -

196. Trolls are far more dangerous than Dragons.

#193 Posted by BrianP (601 posts) -

197. Killing a jarl, their housecarl and a bunch of guards because the jarl mouthed of to you may seem like a reasonable reaction in the moment, but it may mess up your quest 40 hours later

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198. Your horse may randomly die for no reason when you're on a deserted road.

Don't be alarmed, your horse is in fact dead and you now have to run hundreds of miles to your quest marker.

199. Bard's Leap. When you see it, jump off of it.

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200. You always go into a climbing frenzy when you discover an unexplored location on your compass.

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201. Eating human flesh damages your health.

#197 Posted by Hailinel (25787 posts) -

202. Bethesda's QA process is still atrocious.

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203. Priestesses of Dibella don't like when you interrupt their creepy ceremony and steal their statue.

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204) Dragons can attack you while you are in town.

I had fast-traveled to Whiterun, when I heard a dragon roar and the battle music kick in. With me using my fireballs and my ax and Lydia using her bow, we managed to defeat the dragon. Even in the middle of the night, all of the town gathered to see the felled beast and stared in amazement. The bones themselves lead to my next point.

205) Dragon bones can teleport.

When the dragon died, it body was positioned such that in order to enter or leave the city through the city gate, you had to pass under the dragon skeleton's tail, which was truly awesome. When I came back to town the next time, the skeleton was completely across the path through town, with it's tail wriggling about as it glitched through the door of the weapon shop, and the ground texture in front of the store gone with a hole in the world. Next, it position itself in the small creek running through town, with it's head and neck under the bridge in front of the city gate. Then it disappeared for a while. Currently the bones are next to the big tree in town, listening to the crazy guy in front of the statue of Talos.

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206) Wabbajack, wabbajack, wabbajack, wabbajack, wabbajack, vwabbajack, wabbajack.


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