100+ Things You've Learned Playing Skyrim (Spoiler Free Edition!)

#251 Posted by Tsoglani (585 posts) -
@ChadMasterFlash said:

Hypothermia isn't a thing.

Unless you get into water playing on PS3 and subsequently freeze to death.
#252 Posted by Pobearo (108 posts) -

100. Skyrim is fun

#253 Posted by ManU_Fan10ne (662 posts) -

270(?). Breezehome glitches, and then you lose all your stuff :(

#254 Posted by advocatefish (356 posts) -

@makari: F- Yeah.

#255 Posted by advocatefish (356 posts) -

271. Kahjit rugs are rare and everyone seems to want one.

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272. just because your armor makes your health 600+ you are NOT able to jump off the throat of the world

#257 Posted by Marcsman (3192 posts) -

273 Don't kill the talking dog. It will fuck up your Oblivion Walker trophy\achievement

#258 Posted by Spartan_Assassin (15 posts) -

274) No matter how many dragons you kill, picking flowers can still get you arrested

#259 Posted by Thiromar (14 posts) -

Stepping on bones hurts like hell!

#260 Posted by innacces14 (735 posts) -

@living4theday258 said:

272. just because your armor makes your health 600+ you are NOT able to jump off the throat of the world

275) Using "Become Ethereal" shout before you jump does however.

#261 Posted by Rincewind (253 posts) -

276) Soul's are kinda a big deal.

#262 Posted by Jonny_Anonymous (1021 posts) -

276) Slaying Dragons is far easier than hunting Trolls 

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276: Vampires can be very VERY dangerous. Especially if they are old.

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277: Spiders on fire are much more powerful than regular spiders.

#265 Posted by TorMasturba (1094 posts) -

278: If you hide in a cave for too long, playing with yourself you turn evil and go blind.

#266 Posted by mlarrabee (2949 posts) -


If doesn't matter how much damage protection your armor gives you. A wizard with some electricity can still destroy you in six seconds.

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As Dovahkiin, you can take 37 arrows to the face. However, a guard is incapacitated by a single arrow to the knee.

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Enchant clothes, boots, jewelry, gloves, and hats with fortify smithing if possible then make armors and improve them while drinking blacksmith's elixir.

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282: Sometimes dragons simply don't want to disintegrate and give up their souls.

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283: Everyone gets cocky right before getting dead.

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21) I have learned if magic was real, I would rule the world.

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285: It may take you just a few weeks to master the ancient dragon language, but you're always going to stumble over your words when talking to that cute girl from Whiterun.

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286. guards seem to be very impressed of curved swords...instead of their un-enchanted swords dull old blade can barely cutt butter

287. the empire guards become a bunch of pussies after the oblivion crisis

288. don't accept any yields !

289. dovahkiin wish he could slaughter that girl in whiterun who think that he's her servent !

290. stormcloaks are the true sons and daughters of skyrim

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291. Stealing goats and selling them to giants while wasted is hilarious

#275 Posted by -Cipher- (108 posts) -

292. Jarls are jerks...

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