A new Skyrim video. The Northern Kingdom.

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Hi all!

Not once seen as the fans are impressed by Skyrim make beautiful screenshots and movies about this game. Looking through all they do I want to say - Let's play Skyrim!

After all, You always can find something new in this game, even more beautiful things or places than few hours ago in the same place, just because the sun is waking up. The world is always changing and this is great and hard work of developers. But thanks to them i can show you my seen of the Skyrim.

Glad to introduce you my own Skyrim! Being impressed by the game, like many of her other fans , i made this video few weeks ago.

Recommend watching it in HD resolution. I hope you like it :)

Also you can download this video from nexus, to do that klick here. By the way, it would be great if you share this video if you like it, thanks for this)

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Cool vid. Captures the thrill and beauty of Skyrim.

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@unfhunt: I have to admit that that video was pretty awesome. Did you use any graphical mods?

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The text in that video is difficult to read.

#5 Posted by cap123 (2467 posts) -

Yeah, the text is bad. I really like it though.

#6 Posted by Talis12 (522 posts) -

i agree, bad text.. but nice editing *thumbs up*

#7 Posted by Schatzy23 (181 posts) -

Awesome Vid!!

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Thx guys! Agree, the text is difficult to read, that why a recommended watching it in HD resolution (full screen). In this case text looks much better.

@Kazona said:

@unfhunt: I have to admit that that video was pretty awesome. Did you use any graphical mods?

Thx! Yes i used some graphical mods from nexus, but also i used some color correction and VFX.

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I know this has been said already, but that text is borderline-impossible to read.

It's put together very well, but being just a video thread that poses no discussion value means this will have to be locked for being spam.


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