Academic Research on Player Motivations

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Hi Everyone;

I am an Assistant Professor at Information Systems Department of Yeditepe University/Turkey. I am conducting a research on "Player Motivations" and "Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim" players are included in my survey target group. I designed a questionnaire on Player Motivations which can be found at :

Can you please help me collect data for my research?

PS: is my personal website and you can find more information about me and my previous publications in the website.

Yours Respectfully

Dr. Barbaros Bostan

Yeditepe University, Information Systems and Technologies Department

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No problem, done. As a psychologist I find your research very interesting, I'd like to read your findings when you are finished.

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I'll fill it in for ya.

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Done, filled out the survey. I'm interested in seeing how your research pans out.

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Very cool, I'll do it for sure.

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Done. Interesting survey. It certainly explores a wide variety of motivations.

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20) To nourish, aid or protect a helpless person. To express sympathy. To have a child.

This option really threw me off. Of course helping people and sympathy are important but I don't want children. I don't see how those are very well related.

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Done. Excited to see what come of this.

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Done. Interesting questions.

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Finished the response and gave you a super long critique of the survey. Sorry about that, couldn't help myself. I felt the need to apply what I learned as a sociology student and quantitative researcher for this kind of stuff. Really love that you're doing this though and I'm curious what your analysis reveals or how its structured.

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Did it. Interested to see the results.

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Thanks everyone. There are criticisms about questionnaire items and grouping of actions but these are original items from Henry Murray's book: Explorations in Personality.

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@Tuffgong: I have read your super long critique line by line :) Thanks

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