Anybody else on there second character?

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Is anybody else on there second character yet?

I was 39 hours in on my first dude, he was a Wood Elf and all of the perk points had gone in to Archery. This is how I played Oblivion, so I assumed I should play Skyrim like that. But I got bored of the Archery, not because it was bad, the archery mechanic is really good. But seeing as I had spent 300+ hours behind a bow in Oblivion it was like doing the same thing again, I also became very powerful that enemies were just no fun. I also did not like the look of my character, he just looked creepy.

So today I started a second character and have had no regrets in saving over my old one. He is an Orc called Larten, I decided to go with Orc because it was something I had not done before and seemed very different. I originally intended to go with a heavy armour/two handed killing machine. But soon after creating him I decided to go with mace in one hand flames in the other. So far it has been working really good, I've spent 3 hours roaming the wilderness and have only just reached a town (Riften). I hope to venture to the Mages Guild and learn some more magic, but I found an unusual gem from some bandits and it's leading me towards The Thieves Guild...

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I got 68 hours in to my High Elf female, Yumi then I started over with my High Elf Male, Malak. Completely different, I know. Spent almost 100 hours with him.

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I was 120 hours into my first character which was an argonian and did mostly one-handed and archery.

I got all the achievements so I then decided to start a second playthrough and I'm a Khajit only doing punching and am about 35 hours in.

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Spent 80'ish hours on a melee sword and shield character, now I'm a few hours into a stabby character. There's a lot of difference :)

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I have a second character but I haven't even done that Diplomatic Immunity quest and onward with my first character yet, yet I'm about 80 hours into that character. But, yes, I do have a second character. A cat burglar robbing shit like crazy.

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One play through @130ish hours seemed to be enough of the game for me.

After a certain point all I was seeing were Radiant AI quests, and since my resistances seem to not be working right now exploring those was less fun then it should be. I might go back and S-rank the game once I stop getting one-hit killed by anything that tosses are fire/iceball at me, certainly will return with DLC but until that I got my fill with a single character/play.

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Why save over your old character? I have three different characters. Each has 3 Saves, and I let the autosaves and quick saves overwrite each other. My furthest along is a lvl 42 Breton named Geralt of Rivia. The novelty of having a Witcher look-a-like hasn't waned even after 80+ hours with the game, even though he's not very Witcher-like in that he prefers Archery and sucks at making potions. He's a werewolf and a Nightengale and even though he knows quite a few shouts, he hasn't progressed the main story quests past meeting The Greybeards. He just met a member of the Blades last night. I've found that putting the main quest on hold while I poke around and do other things just makes it that much more epic when I come back to it.

I also have a Nord named Theodred of Windhelm that joined the Stormcloaks purely out of devotion to his home town and he wrecks shit with a Greatsword. My third creation is a Dark-elf lady named Muthsera that prefers to burn people down by shooting Flames from BOTH hands. She will make a beeline straight for the Mages college, and will probably join the Imperials at some point.

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I spent about 60 hours with my original character doing the battle mage thing. I've decided to start over once the game's a little more stable and go all in with dual wielding one-handed weapons and crafting skills just for fun. I literally want my strategy to be run up to dudes and smack 'em with maces. Should be pretty fun. I also wasn't that happy with my choice of spouse, so onward and upward from the beginning again!

Still going to go with a female Nord, but I'm going to play around with the character creator a lot more than I did the first time through.

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I keep making new characters, but I always delete them and go back to my first one.

#10 Posted by Animasta (14632 posts) -

my first character had like 6 quests break on her, so I made another one.

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Just started a second character, a Dunmer Assassin/Ranger-type, out of necessity as my main, a Nord Warrior-type, is all but useless now that his resistance is shot.

#12 Posted by Rattle618 (1463 posts) -

90 hours with my first guy, dual-wield/archery. Now Im a high elf mage conjuration/destrucion. 
I find it a bit more challenging,

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My main is a sneaky archer dark elf who does some with the destruction magic but like Oblivion I tend to have one main character then do another for the warrior guild & mage guild. After doing the thief & dark brotherhood stuff with my main & almost to level50, I know I'll go with a full mage & warrior using healing magic to try out the other things in the game as well as other limitations (ie. not using fast travel or living completely out of the inns without buying a house) to just see the extent of the game. Maybe with one of these I'll pick someone to try out the whole civil war thing but so far having fun with the game regardless of who I pick.

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My first character was One-handed, Shield-using Legendary blacksmith - great fun to play, as I tend to enjoy melee-focused characters in these sorts of RPG. Still, after 70 hours with them I felt like a change, and started what was *going* to be a Light Armour wearing Destruction and Alchemy specialist, but who wound up as a robe-wearing Conjuration and Destruction person; 45 hours or so with them so far, and things are trucking along nicely. Third character, when I get round to it, will be a get some stealth and archery goodness. Being paranoid about save management, I use different storage devices for each character.

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I'm about to start my third character and play through the Companions Guild and Imperial Legion.

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Waiting till the game is unbroken. I'm looking forward to starting a full mage.

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I was going to start a 2nd character, but then I took an arrow to the knee.

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I feel like I should... but once you're 97 hours in with a character, it's hard to just put them down.

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I started off the game by making a night elf mage. At level 11 I was getting absolutely destroyed by people so I just considered him my scrap character where I get a feel for the game and learn from my trials. My second character, and now my main, is currently a level 35 Nord who focuses on one-handed combat with a shield. I got a bit tired with him so my 3rd character and the one im working on the most now is a level 18 Khajiit assassain, which is pretty fun.

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