Are these visual bugs normal?

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Lately during my play through with my dark elf character I notice these certain visual glitches and bugs: Shadows seem to flicker. And the self shadowing as well on characters. It's like it snazziest out. The winter hold mages college sometimes completely bugs out, where it seems like its glitches code or code. There's this weird motion blur on everything when I'm moving or moving the camera. Things have a certain blur on them when moving. Then become clear when remaining stationed and not moving camera or anything. And the game seems to lock up on the loading screen kinda frequently. Really, I don't know I'd these are just normal for everyone else and because its a Bethesda game or if my file or something is corrupted. I tried clearing my HDD cache on the 360, but it seems about the same. Hopefuly I didn't mess anything up by clearing that cache. Oddly enough it didn't make me install patches again for anything. It usually does that when I clear the hard drive cache.

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That's definitely not normal. Check your advanced settings from the launcher menu and update drivers.

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@ShockD: He is on the Xbox 360

Game updates that's around 5MB or under will be stored in the cache. Since Skyrim's updates are larger than 6MB it is stored on the hard drive as a file in the respectful folder, which is unaffected when clearing the cache. That's why you don't need to redownload them. It's completely safe to do, it's even recommended to do from time to time to avoid clutter that can cause slowdowns & crashes. The way you are describing your issue however almost seems like an issue with some hardware, not the game. The shadows do 'flicker' in this game though by default, but I'm not sure what's your definition on it. I don't know what you mean by "glitches code or code" With the College of Winterhold. I don't think there are any motion blur in this game, or if so very little - at least to my eyes - or there are some blur vignetting / shading if you open the tab menu & running / sprinting, but that's all I know of. So again, I don't know exactly what you mean, but it doesn't sound normal. Game crashes With this game on the consoles are 'normal', or by normal I mean it can & will happen depending on quite a few factors; memory leak, memory leak, memory leak, memory leak &... warmth, most of them caused by the game itself. It would be both helpful for you & me if you could describe the issue more, with every small detail. How or when it started, what quest were you on, et cetera.

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The crashes happened a few times at random places, such as exiting dark brother sanctuary, exploring mark arts, and in iverstead. It was random occurrences and it happened only about 3 times. And I think only on this character. The blurring probaly isn't as bad as I made it sound. I notice it when sprinting and running. And the blur is slight. The shadows just seem to move around a fair bit. Like, when talking to someone they'll kinda move around.

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  • If it's only on that character with the game crashes it's most likely that the save file is bloated due to, what else, memory leakage. What is the size on it? & do you have any strange duplicate items on that character? Usually the keys & notes/books prone to loop creating duplicates. Also try to wait in-game for over 48+ hours, forcing miscellaneous items, bodies et cetera to clear up.
  • If the blur only occurs when sprinting it's probably normal. However, if you play on a TV it could be ghosting, smoothened refresh rate (Hz), or similar you're noticing. So you might aswell list up your TV aswell.
  • As I mentioned upstairs, the shadows do flicker in this game, but only if the Lightning is intense enough. If it is you'll see moving shadows, flickering, & basically poor quality on them. It's normal unfortunately.

If you are able to reproduce & record, or take a screenshot of the problems, it would be a great help. Though it will probably be a hard task to do.

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I don't have the brand to reproduce and film it. I just am worried my file is borked. But maybe I'm over thinking it and its fine.

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It's perfectly normal to have abnormal bugs in Skyrim. Outside of clearing the cache it doesn't sound like there's much you can do about it though. You could try starting a new file and then loading your actual file to see if that resets the bug. It could be worse... you could have my bug where gravity has been inversed in the entire game, making decorating my house IMPOSSIBLE.

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