Curing Lycanthropy?

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Hi all

I'm having some issues with getting the Purity quest, I've completed the main companion quest line and ive started doing a few of the radiant quests and i still cant seem to get the Purity quest from Vikas or Farkars (ive now done alot of radiant quest from all three of the quest givers) I even went back a few saves to see if there was some sort of dialog at the end of the companion quest where i may of accidently said i dont want to be cured but there isn't, the quest just ends, and no one I saying anything about being worried about dying as a werewolf, and I've done the three that Alia gives you to find those totems, and I'm still going to all three and getting repetitive random radiant quest to kill an animal, criminal or find something that was stolen, so I'm still going through those and hoping to come across it soon, anyone else have the same problem, dose it just come up randomly? any ideas?

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As far as I know, you have to keep one extra head of the witches that you have to kill in the quest given by the head of the Companions (the name slipped my mind). With two heads in your inventory, you use the first one to cure the Companions' boss and after that you can use the extra head to cure yourself.

Or become a vampire, that automatically cures Lycanthrophy. But you can never become a werewolf again, while you can become a vampire again and again after curing it.

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Nah you cant become a vampire if your a warewolf, so do you think I have to have a glenmore witch head in my inventory for the option to start the quest?

Also ther is no option in Farkas's dialog to ask for work...

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Ok thanks for the help, but I figured it out you for some reason you don't actually get a radiant quest called "Purity" from Farkas or Vilkas, there is no quest for it (but in the guide it says there is a radiant quest) anyway all you have to do is get one of the Glenmoril which heads (if you don't have one hopefully you left one when you kills all the witches, go back to the Glenmoril Coven and look for one then go to Ysgramor's Tomb and throw the head in that blue fire

Just for anyone else reading this remember there is no quest for this you just have to do it, for some reason the guide says ther is a radiant quest givin to you by Farkas or Vilkas but there isnt

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If you want to cure yourself, you can write coc qasmoke in the console, then you get to the room with all the items in the game. (On PC). Then grab a head in the misc. items dresser. Then go to the tomb and put the head into the blue fire and defeat your wolf spirit.

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Dude, I love lycanthropy, why do you want to get out of it? Would you rather be a vampire or something?

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I couldn't wait to get rid of being a werewolf. I knew that I wanted to get rid of it the moment you first turn and you can attack Whiterun for a few seconds. The werewolve's attack couldn't kill a city guard by the time it ran out. It seemed cool at first, bust just ended up being kind of lame!

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@XxRANGAxX: Ooops, then I mixed it up. In that case, vampirism can be cured when becoming a werewolf :D

By the way I told you to use one of the witches heads. I cured my Lycantrophy right after I cured the companions boss, and in my guide there was nothing about a purity quest... o.O

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Being a werewolf has more benefits than not being one imo

Disease immunity is great

Werewolf sprint is insanely fast

I like to use the ring of hircine (dressed in all deadric gear)

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