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Here's a thought of what I'd like to see as DLC at some point for Skyrim. I want one where we can somehow go back in time, or learn about the stories of the dwermer and the falmer, and how they ended up how they are currently. I think theres great chances for good stories to come from that.

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That would be awesome.

It'd probably be more cheesy than just having you play a different character but it would be better if they made it so that it wasn't like a flashback but your characters actually travelling back in time. That way you could keep all your stuff and could effect parts of the world when you came back to the present day.

That said it would be cool to play as a dwarf.

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I dunno, I kinda like the way that the Dwemer are shrouded in mystery at the moment.

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I really want them to expand on the overarching conflict between what's left of the Empire and the Thalmor. They've even hinted that despite the "peace" they've made for the course of the campaign of Skyrim, it wasn't going to last.

Honestly, all I play are the non-mer races and I was down with Talos worship so I'd love a DLC that will let you really stick it to the Thalmor.

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The Falmer are already explained in the game and in Dawguard Donguard even more so.

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