Dragon language, Aav ko zeymah ahrk briinah! (ending spoilers)

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So, I've taken a little interest into the logic behind the Dragon language in Skyrim. I just finished the main quest, and, as you know, it ends with you standing infront of Paarthurnax and a dossen or more dragons speaking… well, dragon. But the text only read their words in that language, and though you can easily guess what they're saying (the context), I was really curious to what they were saying exactly. So here I've written down the exact sentences said during that scene, the translation in italic (using this word list), and in bold I've rewritten them to fit the grammar and logic of the english language.

Dragon 00 (this was said by many): Alduin mahlaan! - Alduin fall -Alduin has fallen

Dragon 01: Sahrot thur qahnaraan - Mighty overlord ??? *

Dragon 02: Dovahkiin los ok dovahkriid - Dragonborn is his dragonslayer (direct, no need for rewrite)

Dragon 03: Thu'umii los nahlot - Shout is silenced -(Alduins) Shout is silenced

Dragon 05: Mu los vomir - We is/are un-allegiance -Our allegiance is broken *

I translated most of these sentences by taking words apart, as for instance Dovahkriid.Dovah means of course dragon, while Kriid means slayer.

Have you found any dragon speach and/or written text you're curious about in Skyrim? Paarthurnax uses quite a lot of dragon words when speaking to you, and though they mostly explain themselves through context, you might be curious about their exact meaning. So does anyone share my interest or have I just been hitting the Skooma too much?

* 01 I couldn't find the meaning of gahnaraan, as a whole or separated. 05 This was the sentence which made the least grammatical sence english wise, but I think my translation covers it.

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Huh, thats pretty interesting =P Thanks for doing this.

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That's awesome, if there is a language I want to know it's dragon so I can speak with my fellow dragonborn

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neat stuff indeed!

now go ahead and try translating the wookie language. i'm stuck on "ahhhhrrrrrghhhhrrraahhhrrrggggggggg!"

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I always felt Parth~ kinda was teaching you the language as he spoke... Saying words and then translating them right after. That's how it seemed to me at least. A compilation would be nice. I wouldn't mind being able to speak Dovvahthu'um.

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I love how it is an actual language, and I even went as far as finding the alphabet and translated some of the Thu'um. Since they are only listed with the dragon script and the English word, it was interesting to see what you actually shout. Really cool to see that they have used Nordic words for some of those things as well, as the Slow Time shout starts with the word "Tiid", which is almost the Norwegian word "Tid", which means "Time".

Also, the Ice Form shout starts with the word "Is", which is Norwegian for "Ice"

I also took a look at the language to learn a few of the words. Like how Krosis means Sorrow. And I really have to thank you, as I was looking for the translation of what the ending dragons said a few days ago, but didn't find anything.

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@Durandir: Hello there fellow Norwegian. I noticed some of those similarities as well, but not all as "is"-"ice".

I first tried google to see if anyone ells had translated the last sentences, but as I didn't find anything I thought "what the hell, lets give it a try". I might try to translate the dragon words Odahviing and Paarthurnax uses now and then, though it might a bit superfluous seeing as they're often quite self-explanatory.

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just to help out my fellow dovahkiin, There is pluralization in the dragon language. Both Paarthurnax and Alduin say the word "Meyye" when talking about a group of people. While there is no translation for meyye, mey means "fool". Given other words used in other places such as "Dovahhe" which means dragons, and "Drogge" coming from "Drog" which means lord, you can infer that "meyye" means fools.

For instance, in the title of this topic, I imagine that zeymah and briinah was meant to be plural, so it should say "Aav ko zeymahhe ahrk briinahhe!" Hope this clears things up.

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@kickassylum: I was a little unsure about that, yeah. In the word list I link to in the first post Zeymah (brother) is translated to be the same in both single and plural. Therefore I assumed that Briinah (sister) was spelled the same but became plural in context. The page doesn't say if "he/ye" is a plural ending that can used on several words, but if it is, well done duder/dudette!

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UESPWiki is a good resource for learning various ins and outs of what has been revealed about the dragon language. Check the various dragon related pages. That's where I found this out. It's from an attempted translation of the inscription on the back of the Dovahgolz, the Dragonstone that you find in Bleak falls barrow.

Admittedly, what you've figured out sheds a bit of insight on some more rules of the dragon language. Such as you're listed text for Dragon 3. You could easily see the word Thu'umii meaning "his voice", and thus could make a logical step in saying that "ii" is possibly a suffix that applies ownership of the noun to an intended person or thing that isn't named, in this case Alduin. Good work, I'll have to add this to my personal notes...

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@IIChristian89II: We are already using that information, and this thread is about translating the sentences aso. that is being said in the actual game by different dragons throughout the main quest. If you have something relevant there, feel free to add.

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I know this was ages ago and all, plus you probably don't even care about the dragon language any longer, but I think I can translate dragon 01's sentence. "Mighty overlord vanquished!" because, while I'm not sure what "qahnaraan" means, I do know that "qahnaar" means vanquish and "aan" is often added for a verb effect. I could be wrong, obviously, but you know. I tried, oh well.

Also, in the title it says "join in brother and sister". While this isn't a full official rule, from what I've seen of most plural dragon words, the last letter is repeated and an "e" is added. For example, "kel" (scroll) becomes "kelle" (scrolls). Similarly, "kiir" (child) becomes "kiirre" (children). I hope that made some sense.

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