EA sends me a SWTOR invite BAH!!!

#1 Posted by zephrr86 (8 posts) -

So I get my invite yesterday to swtor exactly 1 year 3 months after I signed up. Odd timing to offer the beta and It just seemed ludcris to even ponder taking any time away from absolute glory to partake in what looks to be more of the same only maybe with a wookie. I have had Skyrim for exactly 12 hours at this point and the only words I have are ... I am literally rendered speechless from time to time in my playthrough. This is what Elder Scrolls is supposed to feel like. From the incredible in depth character creation (this time all races look cool) to...well everything else beyond that :D. I got out of the intro scene and after parting with my companion and saw some buck out in the woods and decided to go hunting, found a hunter camp, robbed it, got caught by the returning party, killed them, looted them, and then finally found a hilltop and took a picture of the sunset. This is RPG brilliance at its absolute finest. This year has bestowed upon us gamers with 3 fantastic worlds to explore. From Witcher 2 onward to Dark Souls and now finally the pinnacle of them all SKYRIM!!! THANK YOU BETHESDA!!!

#2 Posted by Bolt (154 posts) -

Same damn thing happened to me. Personally I am going for the beta this weekend, it's only for the weekend. I will have months and months with skyrim.

#3 Posted by TaliciaDragonsong (8699 posts) -
@Bolt said:

Same damn thing happened to me. Personally I am going for the beta this weekend, it's only for the weekend. I will have months and months with skyrim.

Exactly what I was gonna suggest.
#4 Posted by Etaber (160 posts) -

I'm in the same position. These are good problems to have. :)

#5 Posted by CosmicQueso (569 posts) -

Everything's wonderful and the OP isn't happy.

#6 Posted by zephrr86 (8 posts) -

After all the press in the past few months as well as countless bland videos on youtube I have fallen out of excitement with SWTOR. My cousin has my old code and he will be playing it this afternoon.

#7 Posted by BasketSnake (1208 posts) -

I got it as well

#8 Posted by YoungFrey (1321 posts) -

This might be like what Blizzard did with the Wrath of the Lich King beta. Near the release date, they let a lot of people into the beta. I can only imagine it was a stress test because everything was shit. Whole new degrees of multi-minute lag. Oh, the wailing of the entitled beta folk who viewed all the new invitees as interlopers. I'd say, if you haven't already decided on a Star Wars purchase, try it out. Otherwise, why waste vaulable Skyrim playtime.

#9 Posted by crusader8463 (14422 posts) -

Ya I'm in the same boat, but since TOR is being a bitch and every time I have to reopen the downloader it magically pops in some new 10+ GB to download I doubt I will get to play it this weekend. I played the alpha several months back so it's not that big a deal, but I do want to fire it up at some point and see how it handles on my system since I upgraded my video card and the game has hopefully been optimized some since early alpha.

#10 Posted by A_Cute_Squirtle (686 posts) -

Yeah, I got one as well. I've downloaded it and all that jazz, but when will it actually permit me to play the damn game? Is it right at Five o' clock tonight?

#11 Posted by Swick (222 posts) -

Heard more than a few stories like this. Play the beta while you can, Skyrim will be there for a long while.

#12 Posted by Butano (1738 posts) -

Yea, same here. I was kinda upset at first, but I know that I'll have Skyrim afterwards, so no big deal I guess.

#13 Posted by Nihilius (168 posts) -

I got an invite as well, I'm going to try it out but I think Guild Wars 2 looks much better.

I'd rather have a GW2 Beta invite than a SWTOR Beta invite.

#14 Posted by senorfuzzeh (385 posts) -

Same thing happened with me, I guess their trying to take a jab at skyrim.

#15 Posted by TomShreds (45 posts) -

I received it too and I gave it away to one of my friends, too bad for SWTOR but this weekend it's SKYRIM!

#16 Edited by thehexeditor (1404 posts) -

The invite is not for this weekend's test guys. Invites for that went out a few days ago. The invite you all got is for a future test..

#17 Posted by smfE (31 posts) -

same for me. im not gonna play it.

#18 Posted by DougQuaid (1274 posts) -

I got an invite yesterday as well. Luckily, if you got invited to the test this weekend, you'll automatically be invited to participate in the rest of the weekend tests from here on out.

#19 Posted by Draugrim (135 posts) -

Got my beta invite as well. Color me uninterested in a beta for anything at this time of the year.

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