Favorite Armor?

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My favorite armor depends on the character I'm playing. If I'm a patriotic Nord, dragonplate armor. If I'm a noble Breton, Ebony armor. If I'm a psychopathic marauding killer, Daedric armor. For light armor, it's harder... most of it is ugly. 
Every friend or loved one you kill should increase the life-steal enchantment of the Ebony Blade by two points, up to a max of 30 points (pretty powerful). I don't believe there's any way to track your progress, but it should amount to 10 kills to get to max.

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Nightingale Armor is extremely badass.

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I love the look of the Ebony armor. For some reason it reminds me of Iron Man's Armor but black or something. It makes me wish I had picked Heavy Armor to specalize in, but the light Dragonscale armor is pretty awesome too. I was just glad to finally get rid of the Glass armor. I liked the Glass at first, but I soon got sick of how bad it looks. Dragonscale may not look the coolest, but my 300+ light armor rating is pretty sick!

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I really like the Dragonscale armor but that Ebony armor looks pretty cool. I'm currently wearing Daedric armor mainly for one reason. It's not because the red parts of the armor looks like it glows in the dark (if you know me then you know I really like lights and glowing things) but for the fact that I read that if you wear a full set of Daedric armor then there's a chance that some Vigilant of Stendarr members will attack you on sight. I haven't had this happen to me yet, but I'm currently roaming around the world waiting to be attacked. I want to be attacked damn it!

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@TheHT said:

definitely the ebony set with the mail cuirass.

You have the only correct answer.

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Nightingale amour with Krosis or Clavicus Vile's masque.

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I like the stats of the arch mage armor

its best for my mage

but I dont like how it looks :x

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@muktor: yes, that armor is totally ugg-lay. Sashay away.

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God dragonplate armor is horrible looking. For light armor Dragonscale and Nightingale look badass. Heavy armor has better looking options, ebony, orcish and Daedric all look really cool.

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Currently I'm a fan of Ebony-armor with an hd-texture mod and wearing a ninja mask at the same time (from an excellent armor-set mod from Nexus). Dual-wielding two Daedra katanas (mod) at the same time makes it even better.

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light- nightingale

heavy- nordic carved armour (from dragonbone dlc)

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