Get you some Dawnguard on the PC for $15 instead of $20

#1 Posted by Krakn3Dfx (2704 posts) -

Right now you can get 25% off of everything at w/ code ORDER-NTCOM-PLETE. I was definitely on the fence about paying $20 for it, but went ahead nad gave in for $15. It's 25% on Skyrim itself, and everything else on their site ($37.50 for Borderlands for instance).

#2 Posted by Xeirus (1482 posts) -

I got Guild Wars 2 off of there for $35, that site is flat out amazing. Not to mention a lot of their games are through steam anyway.

We live in glorious times indeed!

#3 Posted by Zithe (1056 posts) -

Awesome. I just got Borderlands 2 for $37.50 instead of the $59.99 it is on Steam. I hope I get the free character class DLC for pre-ordering it like I'm supposed to.

#4 Posted by Indiana_Jenkins (409 posts) -

I got Saints Row The Third from them last Christmas for $20. A month old game for $20.

This thread is starting to sound like an infomercial.

#5 Posted by amir90 (2243 posts) -

Dude, you are truly good guy greg!

How long does this code last?

#6 Posted by amir90 (2243 posts) -


#7 Edited by Zithe (1056 posts) -

So I can't help but notice that the code here looks a lot like "ORDER NOT COMPLETE." Where exactly did this code come from? I hope this is not some exploit or something that I will regret using.

Edit: Never mind, I see the page on their site. Apparently they had deals on certain games previously but their payment thing was messed up and so they extended the sales by using this code.

#8 Posted by Bollard (6388 posts) -

Damn I wanted to order ACIII with that 25% off but it already has 10% off so the code doesn't work... Boo. ACIII for £21 ish woulda been amazing.

#10 Posted by konig_kei (755 posts) -

Thank you so much for this, i sure as shit wasn't gonna pay 25 bucks for dawnguard but for $15? fuck yeah!

#11 Posted by ShaggyDude (169 posts) -

Thanks for the tip. I got Dark Souls for 30 bucks!

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