Has anyone met Angi? (Minor exploration spoilers? But not really)

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Earlier I decided to explore pale pass, which I remembered from Oblivion and was marked on the map with Skyrim. Anyway I ended up seeing how far south I could go and arrived at a camp far above Falkreath in the mountains. Here I met Angi who had a shooting range set up outside her home. She had lived here for a few years since her parents were killed in Helgen by drunken Imperials (who she later killed in revenge).

She said I could practice with her and I agreed so she gave me a series of challenges (hitting targets in a certain time etc) which upon completion raise the archery skill. I just got 6 skill points for free :D

It was such a remote place I didn't expect anything to be up there but turns out I was wrong. I love Skyrim's attention to detail, its the little things like this that make the world so great. Anyway have you come across Angi? What other small details have you found?

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No i've not met her yet but now i really want to.

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Probably the first person I met after getting out of the first town. It was great luck because I had already planned to focus on archery.

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Yep, found her. She taught me how to shoot a bow. Good times , good times.

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Yup, found her if you complete all the practices sessions you get a bow and a few archery skill ups

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There is also some place at the edge of the map called Bard's something where you meet a ghost bard who will give you a few speech points (there is also a shout near that area).

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Yes I've her. If I remember correctly its also possible to marry her. You do this by getting her to join the dragon slayers. By talking to her and doing the quest line, she will eventually fall in love with you!

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Such a cool moment. Moments like this is what make me love Skyrim so much, it feels so organic.

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