help me play skyrim

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Hi I've done a ton of go-ogling but couldn't find any help. currently im playing on my laptop its a Sony vaio VPCEB37FD win7 64bit 4gb ram intel hd 3000 Intel 15. I don't really care for pretty right now would be happy if i didn't go below 15 fps.ive read that increasing ram with a shared gpu/cpu will help or using an external screen will help but i cant find any real answer. i believe my problem is because my dedicated video ram is only 130mb ive looked everywhere to raise that but it seems it cant be done through bios or anything, ive taken my laptop to staples and i cant change the v card either so im hoping i can just make skyrim playable. ive tried using reduced texture packs and all that but i think it actually makes it worse.its pretty well playable with no mods but if im not gonna use mods then ill stick with my ps3.

before you say it I know i need a gaming rig and im gonna start building one but with limeted funds for toys got other priorities i probobly wont have it finished till the end of the year if im lucky. i could use some in that end to its my first time building a rig have decent enough knoledge for it take apart cell phones and my ps3 and such. just help on what to buy. i got a case coming thats it so far its the coolmaster haf x. thanks for your help

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You could probably tweak the hell out of it. Lower all the setting to the lowest possible and look up how to tweak it, then make changes accordingly.

Look here for a guide.

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You should probably just stick with the PS3 version. I'm sorry, but after spending years trying to get games to run on an integrated chip I can tell you that it's a fruitless exercise in frustration that is better not attempted. If you want to play PC games, there are plenty of older games that will run A-OK on that laptop. Morrowind will, Oblivion probably will, you could give KOTOR 1 and 2 a try, System Shock 2 just got released on GOG, etc. But Skyrim? Wait 'til you get a gaming rig.

using an external screen will help

Where on Earth did you hear this?

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@believer258: cant remember were i read it but was in the midst of googling my question here i thought it was odd it was something along the lines that the built in monitor takes away resources from the system, something along those lines.

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@guiseppe: thanks for the linkim gonna try that in the morning ive played in the inis a little bit but not to that degree, if that dont work im just gonna give up and stick to my ps3 like believer said.

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