Help with When/How to Take On Sidequest Bosses *SPOILER ALERT*

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I've gotten to the point in the main storyline after you've: gone to the thalmor party and got the documents pertaining to what they know about dragons returning.

At this point I decided it would be a good time to start doing sidequests. I decided to track down some of the Word Walls scattered about the landscape. I came across two word walls. One in a dungeon called Ragnvald and the other out randomly in the world. Here's where the major spoilers start.

After I had gotten close to the word wall (the one outside) and the one in Ragnvald these floating Draugr creatures with purple robes appeared and they are absolute tanks that can practically one shot me with their spells. I'm level 13 with level 37 on One-Handed Weapons with level 30 Destruction Magic so I figured maybe I just wasn't using something he was weak against. I was able to use a shout to stagger the beast and try hacking it with my axe which didn't do much of anything. Then my magic didn't even scratch him. I decided to look up what these creatures were. They're called Dragon Priests. I had tried fighting Otar The Mad in Ragnvald and Krosis. I can take a dragon down (not two at once though) but these guys mess me up hardcore. A couple of shots from his fireball or ice shards and I'm done.

So i'm curious if any of you guys have run into these things? Have you been able to defeat them? Should I go through the main quest and then come back and fight these guys? I can provide details on my character build if needed. Thanks in advance.

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Yeah, they're super annoying to kill, even at higher levels.

I've killed three so far that I've come upon at Word Walls (Rahgot, Krosis, and Volsung) and just fought Volsung at level 23 - even with frost defense potion, a full set of superior dwarven/ebony armor, 60 heavy armor skill, and stoneskin alteration buff, I still couldn't survive more than three direct shots from his ice blasts. Combine that with the fact that they slow you down, and he could kill me really quickly if I screwed up. I ended up just dancing around at range, waiting for him to fire, and then shooting a fire bolt back, and using fire breath shouts when they came available. Even with shield/armor and all, going toe to toe against him even w/ 60+ skill one handed was not working, as I would get hit eventually, get slowed, and then die before I could heal up. I had some success using a stamina draining weapon and staggering him as I beat the crap out of him, but he'd inevitably get a shot off and take me down.

The ones I fought earlier I ended up just quasi-cheesing to beat. The first one I fought for a bit and he fell down a ledge, and I was able to shoot him but he couldn't hit me. The second I likewise danced around obstacles, healing quickly whenever I got hit, and firing shots back when I had a chance. I imagine you might be able to use companions or sneak attacks in some ways to try to get them, but I'm not built for that.

The masks have some very nice bonuses though, even if it's kind of annoying that I can't have my matching set of armor and use them.

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Thanks for the tips. Knowing that even higher level players with higher level skills still have trouble, makes me feel better that I'm not messing up my character or doing something wrong.

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Here's how you do it. Get 100 in Smithing, make yourself some nice Dragon armor and a Daedric greatsword. Kill everything.

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@mordecaix7: The main annoyance for melee-focused characters is that they tend to dance away pretty well, any shots they get off could be deadly, and armor/shield doesn't help that much. Combine that with the fact that even with a good weapon you'd have to hit them for a while, and it's trouble.

Taking it slow with magic or arrows when my mana was recharging and hiding/dodging their blasts was the only thing that worked for me. Having destruction/restoration/archery up in the 40s and some magicka regen+ items definitely helped that strategy to deal damage and make mana for fire/healing less of an issue.

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@Deathpooky: I'll have to take that into consideration. I've been focusing on shield and melee with dual casting destruction spells. Sometimes forgoing the shield and using an axe and a destruction spell. I think i need to dump more points into HP as well...

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