How does your character look?

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@N7: Sweet Jesus, didn't even notice that before, haha! Now I have to make him my main character just because of this. :)

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After fighting my way to level 52 with two handed swords, and full heavy armor I have now switched to... stealth, archery and light, heavy armor mix. Switched to expert as well, and loving this new of playing.

Sorry for lousy image quality.

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Lhuddh. Nord Rogue/Assassin

The villagers never knew what hit them...

I know this is late, very late, but I never knew Adam Sessler had it in him. Also, I'll post a pic later, but he's a Breton with a scar on one eye, a tat on the other, one pure white eye (the scar one maybe) that weird side-mohawk you can get, and mutten chops. He looks half-ridiculous and half-badass. I might be kind of off, a lot of those helmets mean I haven't seen him in about 25 hours of mu currently 30-hour playthrough (also late, I know).

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Old topic is old

And MY Skyrim character looks with his eyes.

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@nardak: Definitely not Nightingale

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What armor is this ?

@nardak said:

Here is my character after finishing the Main Quest line. He is a level 37 Nord (a dual wielder with heavy armor). This is the point at which I decided to stop playing the game since I decided to wait for the expansion to come out.

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I see that everybody else wears that stupid overpowered mask as well. Morokei is the name, I think?

Anyway, I have a main character that's a well-built Breton and wears all glass armor and that mask. I forgot what he actually looks like because I haven't taken the mask off in about 80 hours.

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@irish_battlemage: Except for the helm its the blades armor, or at least the chestpiece is I don't remember if the gloves looked like that, but it probably is also from that set.

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check up my breton!!!

His name is James Longheart!!!!

the mighty Dovahkiin!!!!

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Here´s my girl, Taarj.

Habilities: She wins. Period. She is a ninja. you can t find her and she can kill a hole village with her mind. true story.

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I don't really have a character. I keep making new guys and after an hour or two I get bored with the game and don't play it for a month at a time. Then rinse and repeat. This is the last character I made. I downloaded the Necromancer mod and was playing her as an evil necromancer that went around killing everyone she met.

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Breton Male Warrior Raised alone with help of an orc named balltoz^mindraz

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That's an old picture. I stopped playing it at 124 hours. All I found remaining were those duplicated mini-quests.

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@ezekiel: Have you played the DLCs? Dragonborn is definitely worth it in my opinion.

My Kahjiit, Lie'Dar
After a thousand hours I finally made a Nord

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I installed Dawnguard and Dragonborn at about 100 hours, but I don't think I've started the stories yet. I wanted to start them by accident instead of looking online, but since I stopped playing Skyrim I might as well. Thanks for the reminder.

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I have quite a few characters. I've played a lot of Skyrim. These are just 3 of them.

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My breton character

now a


and master assassin.

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@alexandre_1523: New updates of Taarj

As for Taarj, she still is the best and the only who could compete with Dwain, My other character below

Armour: Hand-made with enchanting the Bear Silver Armour.

Infinite Destruction magic

Cosmos Armour ( has the power of Athena from Saint Seya )

Weapons: Stalrhim Bow that does more than 170 of damage and has 50% chance of doing more than 100 damage on Fire, ice and lighting.

Skills: Illusion Master, Conjuration Master, Archery Master, Sneak Master, Destruction Master and Enchanting Master.

Taarj has Oghma Infinium and 400 hours of gameplay.

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and new Character: Dwain, the Master ninja of Alteration. This guy uses Six-tomoe Rinnegan and has Byakugan, Sharingan, Tukuyomi, Shinra Tensei, Bansho Tenin and the best of all Kamui, besides Fireball jutsu and double Kusanagi with Deadly Ice and Lightining technique. This guy has Shakra and now he can do 20 invocations with Kushiose no jutsu, with any conjuration spell. Dwain is modded ( obviously)

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Found a few neat archery mods, so I made an archer. Never got around to beating any of the DLC, so I might just do that this go around.

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@zelyre: Holy crap, what skin texture mod is that? Dat subsurface scattering

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@driadon: I use Nuska's, according to skyrim mod manager. Unfortunately, the modder pulled lots of stuff from the Nexus. He/she left a modder's resource pack on their Nexus profile page, along with a mod that overhauls the elven races.

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I've been playing this one for a while now.

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