How to start DLC

#1 Posted by cmcali16 (80 posts) -

I was wondering how the DLC is started. Does someone come and find me or do I have to look for something?

#2 Posted by Zacagawea (1666 posts) -

I went to Whiterun and a Dawnguard man spawned and talked to me. Try that.

#3 Posted by animathias (1241 posts) -

If you're level 10 or higher, you'll hear rumors about it from guards, and at some point a courier will run up to you with a letter. If you're under level 10 or just want to get there, look for a small cave to the east / southeast of Riften.

#4 Posted by maxB (343 posts) -

I was in Riften and a vampire and his demonic dogs attacked me and a guy name Durak showed up and told me to go to castle Dawngaurd

#5 Posted by cmcali16 (80 posts) -

alright I heard it from the guards, thanks for the info.

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