I Punch Giants: How to Become a Master of Unarmed Combat

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Wow there are even kill animations for unarmed. That makes just want to start anew and make a dude of punching.

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Hey guys! Apparently, some of the perks in one handed (such as the one at level 50 where you do a double critic if you power attack while running) affect your punches as well. It doesn't seem as though unarmed attacks level up one handed though so maybe use a glitches to boost it or just mod it.

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Great idea . the only thing I had to change was making my guy a nord and naming him Chuck Norris. And Chuck Norris approves of this thread.

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Khajits are fucking pussies. Anyone who picks Khajits and does this is a guaranteed pussy. I did it with nord and so did Robbaz

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@Subjugation: THANK YOU!

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Deserves another bump

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Has anyone confirmed that bonuses from Juggernaut and the other blanket effects do not work with Fists of Steel? Meaning, the only two skills you really need from H. Armor are Juggernaut 1 and Fists of Steel? Because I read elsewhere that the only thing that factors into it is the base value of the gauntlets you are wearing. It would be great to know, because I sorta wanna try this, but I don't want to dump a bunch of points into H. Armor.

Base = 1

Kahjiit = 15

Daedric Gauntlets = 18

enchant a ring and the gauntlets with Fortify Unarmed Damage = 18 (x2) = 36

Total of 70 DMG per hit

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are you guys brothers? just wondering... lol

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@Hero_Swe said:

Khajits are fucking pussies. Anyone who picks Khajits and does this is a guaranteed pussy.

Hitting pussies is what Khajit do best.

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That unarmed badass video is the best thing to happen to the internet.

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I was about to post that the OP's idea and the writing style was ripped straight from a video some guy did on youtube. However, then I noticed that your post came before the video. If anything that dude on youtube stole from YOU! What a fucking pussy, you should punch him right in the fucking mouth. =p

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Oh god, everyone linking the viking video. Is it just me or is his accent HORRIBLE? I'm swedish, I sure as hell don't talk like that.

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Just started my unarmed playthrough with a skinny female Khajiit. Pretty damn fun!

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Does the Juggernaut perk that increases the armour rating stack with Fists of Steel?

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This post is both amusing and inspiring. I think I'm going to table my sneaky archer and go Brock Samson on these bros. Does this build help at all if you become a werewolf?

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I am doing this for my next character! I already got a Khajit who has done the story just past the first dragon. Its gonna be kick ass!

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@President_Barackbar said:

I honestly have no idea why they insist on keeping unarmed combat a thing in these games. Even in Fallout, which has power fists and such. It just seems really dumb. Why punch people when you can use a sword. It's 100x easier and you'll do way more damage than you ever could unarmed.

Yeah but some people, obviously not you, like the idea of punching dudes. It's the same reason they offer both warrior and mage archetypes to pursue. They both have their strengths and weaknesses, but are altogether just as effective; the choice is up to the player based on what they like. For me, I've always gone straight to Monk classes in Baldur's Gate, Ninja classes in other games, etc. The concept of not needing any tools to decimate someone is just so satisfying... provided they handle it well. I'd argue they kinda gave people like me the middle finger with this game's implementation, but the rest of the combat is satisfying, so it's negligible.

I realize I'm replying to a month-old comment, yes.

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@FunExplosions: It's never too late to keep a conversation going, and I can see where you're coming from. I guess what I'm saying is they should either get rid of it or at least find a way to make it viable. I thought the power fist idea in Fallout was a step in the right direction.

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@President_Barackbar: I was never into the power fist. At that point, I'd usually wonder why I wasn't just using melee weapons and then start a melee character. I like when they give unarmed classes more abilities to substitute for the lack of new weaponry, or maybe magical gauntlets or gloves, but the power fist isn't really up my alley. I guess that's probably why newer games don't really implement it well. It takes developing a lot of new stuff for what is probably not the most desirable class. Like the original Fallout games did it awesomely: if you were unarmed, you had a ton of more attacks per turn, and the power fist in that game just felt a lot better.

The Elder Scrolls never got it right, though. In Morrowind combat as a whole was a joke, and unarmed wasn't any better; Oblivion's was decent but very vanilla; and yeah Skyrim's isn't even really there. It's definitely a hard thing to design, because I guess to make it ideal they'd have to pretty much design a whole little boxing engine for fistfighting, a la The Witcher. And we all know Gamebryo MK. II isn't up to that challenge.

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@NateDestruction: see my post earlier. I'm not completely sure, but I don't think it does. I think it is the raw stat on the Heavy Gauntlet you're using.

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@INV2: Yeah I think you're right. If it did stack then using a Khajit with enchanted legendary daedric gauntlets and a ring would result in;

Claws: 15

Legendary Deadric Gauntlets: 46 (+46 with maxed Juggernaut)

Enchant on the Gauntlets: 12

Enchant on Ring: 12


which seems just ridiculous

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It's way higher than that.... lol

If you max the H. Armor skill tree and go nuts crafting (max Smithing, max Alchemy, max Enchanting) Daedric armor, you're looking at something like 2,400 armor rating, 12.5 percent of that being the gauntlets, so that is like 300 and then the fortify unarmed on the gauntlets and a ring, plus the Kahjitt bonus, you're looking at over 350 points per hit...BUT I don't think it works that way. I think the max is around 70 points per hit.

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Merry Chrimbus.

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Created a new dude. Created him like this. Now, I'm fisting fools like a pussy.

This is worth doing guys. Holy shit.

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@LordXavierBritish: this is happening.

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For those that have tried this how have you managed later in the game with the unarmed skill being capped at 61? (71? there has been conflicting information from what I have seen it is either of those 2 values).

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@Sign: It has worked splendidly. The one minor issue is fighting dragons that don't want to land. But when they inevitably do? They get fisted so goddamn hard I laugh.

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@dekkadekkadekka said:

@Sign: It has worked splendidly. The one minor issue is fighting dragons that don't want to land. But when they inevitably do? They get fisted so goddamn hard I laugh.

What level are you now? Capping damage at 61 seems like it would make you horribly underpowered in the 40+ levels. Heck I am rolling a 2H user right now and my weapon damage alone is around 90 at level 34. That said, I am certainly drawn to the possibility of simply punching dudes in the face.

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@Sign: You are way overpowered early game, but if damage does cap at 60 that would suck for late game content. I think my punching character is level 16ish and I'm still mostly one hittin dudes.

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I think 70 damage is the best you can do, without exploits.

When you get to higher levels you will definitely not one hit punch things to death. At some point I switched to one-handed stuff with my character after the cool factor of this wore off. It's cool in the beginning, and can continue to be cool, but just be careful not to level up too quickly. I guess one could probably keep their level pretty low given that unarmed kills don't advance your skills, thus not advancing your level...but you will gain soooo many levels speed boosting smithing and enchantment. Then if you go down the rabbit hole with alchemy too, you will gain a lot of levels. If you really want to have fun with this you might be better off just getting the Fists of Steel perk, then simply using the best gauntlets you can acquire without gaining all those levels with smithing/enchanting your own daedric gauntlets.

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@Sign said:

@dekkadekkadekka said:

@Sign: It has worked splendidly. The one minor issue is fighting dragons that don't want to land. But when they inevitably do? They get fisted so goddamn hard I laugh.

What level are you now? Capping damage at 61 seems like it would make you horribly underpowered in the 40+ levels. Heck I am rolling a 2H user right now and my weapon damage alone is around 90 at level 34. That said, I am certainly drawn to the possibility of simply punching dudes in the face.

43 I think. I'm mostly rolling around with both hands unarmed, but occasionally I will throw a ward spell onto my left hand to absorb magic spells.

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After beating the game twice I think there's finally time to give this a shot.

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sorry if this has been answered already, but does the heavy armor perks that adds damage to unarmed stacks with khajiit ability?

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...no, see my post above.

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Was I the only one who read this in the same voice I read Insanity wolf memes in?

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I finally put the game in my PS3 and decided to fuck the game's golden path and go with this build rather than some stupid thief archer or one-handed douchebag they always attempt to shoe-horn you into. The OP is a genius. Can't wait for the kill cams with 1.5 (if it ever comes out for the PS3). One major downside is that you sometimes end up running around like a retard when dragons appear, because it takes them ages to land if you don't have someone like Lydia at your side shooting them. Basically it's like that scene with Jax from the second Mortal Kombat movie.

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It is cool, but again, there are 1-handed weapons and bows that do WAY more damage than 70 per hit. And you will be stuck with that, the perk only adds the gauntlets armor rating, not the entire armor rating of your character. Just making it clear, to those who may try and get bored or frustrated when enemies get real menacing. The enemies scale, so if you want to have fun with it keep your level low.

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*This build is stil relevant, so I see no ill in reviving this topic*

Currently rolling a Khajiit with this build and loving it. Now, there's been some concern here on how to continue using this build when reaching high level (40+). Fire cloak under Destruction adds 8 more damage per second, a real bonus to the build. You can easily continue using the build as long as you're a little smart about using magic to improve armor rating and adding extra damage.

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can I just say my swords are 217 each I would rather use those

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If you would like to get the unarmed combat at a level which is fun. I found you can get it by disenchanting the pugilist gloves and enchanting a ring after doing the restoration glitch walkthrough which you can find on youtube. This walkthrough shows you how to create potions that are really powerful and can help with an enchanting potion that is equally powerful when enchanting a ring, gloves or gauntlets.

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Sorry to burst anyone's bubbles but unless they changed it the damage bonus from your heavy gauntlets is only the base armor class value. If it work based on a scaling armor class value from gauntlets, it would then compete for damage with other weapons in the game. Since it doesn't, your damage falls flat after 30+ lvls. Daerdic gauntlets only add 9 damage to your fist. Only 9, not the 275 armor class rating that your reading on your gauntlets. fyi

Sadly the unarmed kill cam is the best in the game. Wish they make it more viable in core.

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Fucking awesome

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