Ideas for quests

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Some of the quests were pretty bland in Skyrim so I'm going to try to write up a bunch of quests for a huge mod a large group of people are working on. My question is, what types of quests would you like to see that weren't in Skyrim or in general what types of quests are your favorite.

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I don't have any ideas but it was always the context of the quests that made it interesting. Some humour is always good.

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Should DEFINITELY add killing every bandit at a location.

Never gets old.

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the one where you kill that guy.

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@Phatmac said:

the one where you kill that guy.

that would be the best quest ever. lol

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you have 3 days to stop the moon from crashing into skyrim. and each race plays a different instrument

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@killacam: Brilliant

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@killacam: What moon? Masser or Secunda?

But anyways. I love detective & mystery quests. Could be interesting if done right.

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any quest where you don't align yourself with one character only to find out that they were evil later is pretty unique for skyrim. I feel like I have done that quest like 10 times

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