Imperial Legion or Stormcloaks? (SPOILERS)

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The Stormcloakes are pretty much Nationalists, either you're a Nord or you're not a Nord; and if you AREN'T a Nord, then GTHO. By starting his rebellion shortly after the Thalmor invasion and current occupation of Skyrim, Ulfric has taken advantage of the political/economic/military situation to make Skyrim a "Nord Only" state that won't adhere to the Thalmor restriction against worshipping Talos. This makes the empire weaker, and puts every other state at risk, (The Thalmor could use Skyrim as a justification for harsher laws and an increased police state.)

The Imperials, on the other hand, are just trying to restore order so not to enflame an already tense situation. If the empire stands united, even under military occupation, then it makes it that much harder for the Thalmor to control the continent.

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As a nord i chose the storm cloacks, they are too racist and barbaric for my liking but i wanted to chose the ones that will fight the thalmor and have a chance against them,

Looking at the empire: - The emperor is a toll

- The general is a scumbag that can't lead an army

- Elesif is a hypocrite that won't stand up for skyrim when she needs to

The stormcloacks on the other hand have Ulfric, which is the kind of leader you need to fight a defensive war and due to the far less bureaucracy they have the dragonborn will be able to actually lead Skyrim's armies ( since he is basically second in command to the High king ).

Considering that fact that most of the "elite" warriors from skyrim could take on dozens of imperials by themselves i would say id rather chose to be the co leader of the most powerful human army in Tamriel with the powers of a Dragonborn and all the sweet gear and stuff than to aid the worthless politicians and there pawns to lead a broken Empire against the thalmor, that if you can convince them to fight the thalmor in the first place.

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I have chosen for the Imperials, just because rebellion ain't cool!

I liked what happend because I had chosen Imperials, they have a nice foothold already and have cool missions.

Could be the same for Stormcloaks, but I dislike Ulfric, or w/e his name is.

#104 Posted by Shadow (5108 posts) -

I completed both joining quests to just before you have to take the oath. Then I did seasons unending and coordinated the truce. The storm cloak guy wouldnt talk to me until after the quest was done and the legion general wouldn't give me the quest dialogue until I took the oath. Basically, I had absolutely no choice

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Legion, i like the armor and town better

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Still holding a grudge with all my characters in Skyrim as the Imperials are just jerks that don't even bother just throwing some wrong place, wrong time character (aka your character in Skyrim) in jail just following the suit of the Queen of Hearts & off with the head. Feel that when I get to the civil war stuff, probably after finishing the main story, I'll be not going with the Imperial side.

#107 Posted by Liam_mk (300 posts) -

Okay I get that there are actual reasons to support each side. But I liked the imperial voice actors more so I went with them. Do you really want to hang around with Jerk Thor for the rest of the game?

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Someone told me if you read the dossiers in the Thalmor Embessy you find out that the Thalmor are behind the Stormcloak rebellion in order to create instability in the Empire.

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I envisioned that whoever the Dragonborn sided with would retain the most powerful man in the world at that point. Playing a Nord, who the Dragonborn after all is pictured as in the official stuff, it would make sense to break the weak Empire's hold of Skyrim and lead my people into a glorious, elf-crushing future - guided by my hand and might alone.

Bitch, I can call dragons from the sky and breathe fire by shouting obscenities. My armor is so damn good that I regenerate health quicker than dragons can kill me off. I think I can handle a few elves.

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Both sides suck in their own way, but in the end I went with Imperials, because religious persecution is a little less fucked up than racism.

#111 Posted by TheHT (12247 posts) -

@Nick said:

Someone told me if you read the dossiers in the Thalmor Embessy you find out that the Thalmor are behind the Stormcloak rebellion in order to create instability in the Empire.

IIRC What's-his-face-leader-of-the-Stormcloaks was an informant for the Thalmor but went cold and then started the rebellion.

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Having played through Oblivion and pretty much saving the empire, I guess I felt duty-bound to side with them in skyrim as well. Also, my character is an imperial which pretty much sealed the deal for me. I want everyone united under one government for when the Thalmor pull their shit, whenever that happens.

#113 Posted by Praedos (26 posts) -

Nords piss me off

#114 Posted by CRACKYSTUNTYE (45 posts) -

The way I rationalized my decision is that if the Empire won they would just keep going along with the Thalmor while they keep changing the writting on the wall, taking away more and more from the Empire until theres nothing left of them. The reason the Thalmor even made the Concord was so they could regrope while the Empire and Skyrim fought each other. Then they could just steamroll both sides. So either way the Thalmor would inevitable anex the continent. So I just picked Stormcloakes because it was a more logical setup for a fight with the Thalmor than the Empire going "Yo f this!" and breaking the treaty. But hey ,Ulfric turned down the crown until the Jarls meet to vote, so maybe some dlc will come out that makes you king or something or resolves that whole Ulfric being a Thalmor agent theory( or preferable for me creates a Mr. House equivelent to the lame not NCR and Legion).

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Religious suppressors vs racists. Pick a side everyone!

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Who did i go with? Well, it doesn't matter, because a bug is preventing me from progressing with either side on the 360 version.

#117 Posted by Hizang (9360 posts) -

I'm really going to avoid this until the end, I really do hate both sides.

#118 Posted by Dick_Mohawk (394 posts) -

Going with the Imperials, but killing the Thalmor justicars whenever I come across them just for shits and giggles

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I found it tricky to decide - wound up going with Stormcloaks because they have sweet bearskin hats.

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Legion because the Stormcloaks are racist.

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I'm gonna go with Stormcloakes because I'm currently playing a racist nord.

@kingzetta said:

I started my own faction called the rapehammers

How do I join?

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The Nords and storm cloaks have every right to be racist because of whats the evil thalmor elves did to them i was a dark elf and i joined the storm cloaks to fight for something that mattered yes they were racist to me at first but by the end of the quest line i proved to them that not all elves are bad and gained there trust

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LET'S JUST KILL THE THALMOR!!! they started this shit in the first place!!!!!!!!

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My next character will be on the side of the stormcloaks and will be a wood elf, to make his backstory short Altmer killed his parents because they were working on an operation "Valkyrie" type thing trying to destroy the Aldmeri Dominion from inside after they found out about all the corruption in it. The only person alive who still knows the truth is my dudes uncle and he is trapped in an Aldmeri prison somewhere. So alas my character Cûron Gondir (Sindarin {LOtR elvish talk} for Ruler of the Crescent Moon) sides with the racist Stormcloaks because avenging his parents death is more important to him than anything else.

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