Konig Kei's guide on how to make lots of monies in Skyrim.

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Also, you can get your enchanting and smithing skills up too.

Things you'll need:

  • Iron Daggers (make them, all you need are iron ingots and leather strips.)
  • Soul Gems (all kinds, they just need to be filled)
  • Enchantments (i have found that the best enchantment to get the most cash are the paralyse and drain health, paralyse make slightly more)

Let's get started, pretty straight forward. All you need to do is make as many Iron Daggers as you can then go enchant them with paralyse or drain health.

Filling Soul Gems is easy, just get out there with an enchanted bow hunting everything with fur on it and you'll have tons of soul gems.

Iron Daggers by themselves are worth about 10 Septims each but enchanted they are worth anywhere from 120-600 Septims each. Unloading the daggers you'll only be able to sell a couple cause let's face it, the shops only have about 1000 Septims so make sure to buy all the leather, leather strips, iron ingots and soul gems as you can too. Don't forget the Thieves Guild fences when selling your goods.

Now get out there, make some cash and buy that house in Solitude legitimately.

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Absorb Life is an easy enchantment to come across and adds a ton to the price, its going to be most people's go-to enchantment for a long time. Paralysis is incredibly rare but sells for a lot more, people should also be on the lookout for the Banish enchantment as it adds a lot more value than Absorb Life.
An alternative money method is to get the Transmutation spell and transmute Iron Ore into Silver, and then into Gold ore and make Gold Ingots and then Gold Rings. You can make 2 rings from 1 Ingot and they're worth a lot more than Iron Daggers. Plus Transmuting will level your Alteration as well. Keep in mind that Rings have different possible enchantments than daggers though, so you will need different money making enchantments. So far my favourites have been Fortify 2 Handed, and the AMAZING Fortify Sneak. Seriously, get your hands on Fortify Sneak, its worth nearly double what other enchantments are worth.
Other than that, get some gear that boosts your Speech or the selling price of goods, so you make more money with each item. Also keep in mind shops restock every 48 hours OR when you close the game and restart it.

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Transmute Is an adept alteration spell though which means you're gonna need a fair alteration level but thanks for the other tips.

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There's a book located in a easy to find place (not going to say where) for the transmute iron to silver to gold enchant. Even with basic alteration skill you can cast it but it uses your full bar of mana. I wear something with mana regen when using it.

Certain alchemy combinations can make a pile of money too.

Honestly though, I found that raising non-combat skills early on through crafting and selling was a surefire way to make dungeons harder to go through. Just going through the main quest with occasional crafting gave me enough money to buy a house and have up to date weapons and armor.

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Banishment spells give you over 500 per dagger. I made over 20000 gold in like 20 minutes with it. It takes longer to sell than it does to make.  And that's with a really low speech level. With good speech they'd probably be worth way more.

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What's a good vendor to sell to? I've been going to Belethor mostly, but ~750 in his pockets at a time is not enough.

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@JA050N said:

What's a good vendor to sell to? I've been going to Belethor mostly, but ~750 in his pockets at a time is not enough.

the blacksmiths usually have over 1000, but you can only sell weapons to them.
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Thieves guild fences have 1000+. In Solitude there's the blacksmith, general goods store and that lizard man fence. The archery shop I'm not sure cause there's never anyone in there when I go in but you can try.

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Thank you Captain Obvious.

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I can buy the house in Solitude legitimately, I have no idea how I made all my gold though lol. I just do miscellaneous quests and loot everything in site.

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player.additem f ####

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Sell shit.

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I do banish + absorb health on daggers. That seems to be the highest yielding buffs I have. I now keep a stack of a dozen or so magic daggers on hand so I can tap out any weapon buying merchants I come across. I get over 1000 per dagger by wearing a necklace I enchanted with a 25% barter buff and a thieves guild hood. One dagger pretty much taps out any merchant unless I also buy stuff.

I should keep a stack of enchanted rings on hand to sell to mages since they generally don't want daggers, but haven't bothered yet. They don't sell for as much as the daggers so it's not as fun.

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Player.additem 0000000f 1000000. All the money you could ever need.

But no seriously money is really easy to get in skyrim, just loot and sell everything you find. When I finished the main story on my first dude at level 38 I owned every house fully upgraded, had full deadric armor that I bought the mats for and made and had 120k. Easy.

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@BlinkyTM said:

I can buy the house in Solitude legitimately, I have no idea how I made all my gold though lol. I just do miscellaneous quests and loot everything in site.

Same here, money seems to be rolling in quite easily. My Riften house is where I keep all my magic items, I think I have 100 staffs/magic weapons/magic armour items stored, each at least worth 100 gold.

I do use transmute to convert ores into gold early on to make some money, but now it seems kinda useless.

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@Tennmuerti said:

Sell shit.

You missed step 1. Find Shit.

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@damswedon said:

@Tennmuerti said:

Sell shit.

You missed step 1. Find Shit.


Shit is everywhere. Finding shit happens naturally by itself :)

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I really don't think you should call it your guide since it's probably the best known smithing/enchanting/lvl grinding technique in all of Tamriel.

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Get married, your wife/husband sets up a shop which you can access by talking to them, but even better than that you can speak to them every few game hours to get some of the shop takings as it is partially owned by you, if you marry a follower then this shop is mobile and can be accessed anywhere!


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