Map + Dartboard = Great Way to Start Skyrim

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Forgive me if someone already mentioned this idea, but I just decided to go back to playing Skyrim and I had no clue how I wanted to play it on my next run. So I decided to hang the paper map over my dartboard and throw to see where I'd start my adventure. Anybody else done anything like this or to decide how to start a new game? I'm hoping it ends up being right on top of a daedric shrine or a random cave in the middle of nowhere.

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Sounds like too much work. I think there is a mod that just throws you out there and gives you a random start.

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I think that sounds fun as hell but I'm probably not the kind of player who needs it. Hell of an idea though, wish I thought of it myself.

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It actually worked out better than I expected. I threw 6 darts with my eyes closed, 1 of which landed in Cyrodil off the map which is where my character will be from. Two more darts landed straight through Ivarstead and the last 3 went diagonally up in almost a perfectly straight line through Whiterun, Hjaalmarch, and north of Morthal. Looks like that's where I'm heading.

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