Mods for my games.

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just about a week ago i got morrowind for my laptop and sice i am new to pc gaming in genrel cause i manly play on a consle i was woundering if any one could give me a list of mods for morrowind also a gide on how how to mod the game as well.

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Install 7-zip onto you computer, when you download the mod open them up in a 7-zip archive, and then go to program files, steam, steammapp, then common, then morrowind- move the archived files into wherever they are supposed to go (usually explained in the read me file) within the morrowind folder, usually in the data folder. If my explanation does not help, youtube is a good place, also 7-zip can be found by a simple google search.

To open up 7-zip archive i usually have my recently downloaded open, and I find the file there, and right click it, then one of the options should be 7-zip, there is probably an easier way, but after I switched to downloading with chrome I find it the easiest for me.

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The stickies over at the official Elder Scrolls forums in the Morrowind Mods section should help you out.

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@Sumbog: do i need 7zip to ues the mods

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To install them it helps a lot, I'm not sure how to do it without 7-zip, the download is free and safe so it shouldn't be a problem downloading it.


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@Sumbog: cool thanks and when i download 7zip will itthe mod be in that fileor do i need to move the mod to it

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