Need Technical Help with Addons Xbox 360

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Hello, i purchased all of the addons for Skyrim when the came out and they have been working perfectly fine...until now. my Xbox was very old (got it when it first came out) and was recently experiencing problems so we had to buy a new Xbox 360 last night. it's not the newer model, its the same kind as before, but made more recently. everything was stored on the external hard drives including the addons, but when i load Skyrim last night, their was a problem. i check and everything is still the same, but when i start up the game it says loading addons and i check the addons list and it shows nothing. it says no addons found or something to that affect. all the addons are still on the system, but it apparently doesn't know or can't find it? if you could please help me it would be much appreciated as i put a lot of time into the game and the addons too. so am i screwed? or is their a way to fix this without spending $60 for all the addons again?

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If you purchased them once, you won't ever have to pay a second time to redownload them with the same Xbox Live account.

I'm not clear about your hard drive situation, but it simply sounds like the content hasn't been downloaded to the new Xbox. So go ahead and redownload them and let us know.

Good luck!

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thank you so much. this worked and i had to transfer the licenses from my old xbox to the new one tho i'm not sure which ones the legit reason for it working.

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