OK, so exactly what enhancements stack in Skyrim?

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There is another thread asking about enchantment stacking but this question is broader. 
Let me just start by explaining what I'm trying to do. I have Enchantment and Smithing at 100. I want to know if it's worth my time to delve into Alchemy in order to make weapons and armor stronger by using my Alchemy to make both Smithing and Enchanting be a certain % more effective. If there exists a "Fortify Enchanting" enchantment, my plans will be blown out the window and will need to me more complicated. :P
So what I'm going to do is: 
1. Create a potion to enhance my enchanting. 
2. Use this potion to enchant some regular clothes, all with a fortify smithing enchantment with black soul gems. 
3. Create a full set of Dragonscale Armor. 
4. Go to the grindstone and drink a fortify Blacksmith potion while wearing all my pieces of armor for fortify smithing and upgrade the Dragonscale set completely. 
5. Go back to the enchanting table and take another enhance enchanting potion to enhance my armor with whatever skills I want. 
Does this sound like a legitimate plan, or will the blacksmithing enchantments not stack if they're on every piece of armor that can take it? And on top of that, would the % bonus from the alchemy potions I will make be added on top of it?

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I doubt using a potion/enchantment would increase your skill past 100. I don't know that for sure, but i doubt it.

also, there dose exist a Fortify Enchanting Potion, im not sure about a enchantment.

Im not sure if you can enchant clothing, i would try it with something simple and not expensive before you try it with the expensive stuff.

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@Dagbiker: It does. I've smithed Dragon Armor then resmithed my weapons with a boosted from +BS gear and potion.

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@Dagbiker: I'm not talking about boosting my skill past 100, I'm talking about the +x% enhancements that you can get either from potions or enchantments. How many of them stack, which ones stack, when does it stop stacking, etc.
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@xyzygy: Smithing enchantments will stack, potions will not.
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@TheDudeOfGaming: So I'm allowed to take one potion and wear both the helm and gauntlets for smithing, and it'll stack. Is that correct?
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@xyzygy: Yes, but you can't enchant your helm with fortify smithing. Amulets, armor, rings and gauntlets work though.
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Ah, the diminishing returns of min/maxing.

From what I've experienced, Fortify Smithing stacks indefinitely, no matter what the source. I can't speak for Fortify Enchanting, however I've no reason to believe it would behave differently given the similarity to the former skill.

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@TheDudeOfGaming: Doesn't the Fortify Smithing have diminishing returns through all the stacking if you use four pieces, or then the potion gets full effect past that?

*ugh* Fucking min-maxing. I hate it, but when it works, I fucking love it!

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@Ravenlight: Wait, there's a fortify enchantment enchantment? 
@jakob187: Well I'm not sure, i had a character with a 100 in enchanting and smithing, and i had gear that increased my smithing but i deleted that character and started a new one. Right now I'm just "farming" soul gems and filling them up to get to a 100 in enchanting. From what i remember, the fortify smithing enchantments simply stacked. And I've read around these forums that you could (somehow) reach a 160% increase in improving your gear.
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You can go to the skyrim enchanting wikia page basically you need alchemy enchanting and smithing at 100 you can make a fortify enchanting potion then use the potion to enchant gear with fortify alchemy then with that gear make another fortify enchanting potion and on and on, until you get to 29% which I think is the max then make a enchanting potion and blacksmith potion, enchant smithing on some random gear make your gear upgrade it with the smithing gear and potion then enchant it.

I didn't do this I just used 25% enchanting potion and enchanted 20% smithing gear and got some awesome gear. If I explained it badly just read the wikia page it explains is better than me :D.

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