PC Control Issues - Certain keys not doing anything.

#1 Posted by Guybrush (133 posts) -

Is anyone else having problems with their PC controls?

In the inventory primarily, some of my keys do nothing. For example, it says you can click the right mouse button to assign a weapon to your right hand. I can't do this, only the left click works, so I can only assign to my left hand. I also can't use R to drop or F to favourite like it says either.

Anyone else get this?

#2 Posted by shinboy630 (1313 posts) -

I've gotten it once or twice with trying to tab out of a conversation, but nothing really game altering like not being able to equip something like you describe.

#3 Posted by Donos (1225 posts) -

I was just about to post, I remapped F to favourites and it worked for a bit, but now I can't chagne the contents of favourites. Tried remapping to q and restarting the game, and it still doesn't work.

#4 Posted by Guybrush (133 posts) -

I just loaded the game up again, and it was sorted, pretty much. I can now equip things to either hand, it's still kinda weird though. The game gets confused with what hand you're trying to equip to.

The whole interface is kinda strange. Like, on that "cross" menu, which allows you do select Items, Magic, Skills... why is items on the right, but the item menu then opens on the left, and the magic option is one the left, but the magic menu opens on the right?

#5 Posted by Donos (1225 posts) -

@Guybrush: The idea is you press left to pull the magic menu left into view, and you pull further left to go further into the menu. Same thing for inventory.

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