PC Mod: Is there a mod that keeps enemies from fleeing?

#1 Posted by Onious (20 posts) -

Searched the nexus; the steam workshop; google and have found nada. Kinda having a hard time believing there's no such mod so if anyone can steer me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it.

#2 Posted by jasonefmonk (347 posts) -

There's a spell under Illusion I think.

#3 Posted by believer258 (12308 posts) -

There are some weapons with effects that cause enemies to flee, notably the Dawnbreaker when used on undead. Check and make sure you aren't using one of those.

Meanwhile, I can't name any mods that do this.

#4 Edited by OfficeGamer (1086 posts) -

How.... often do your enemies flee? o.O

#5 Posted by gogosox82 (428 posts) -

Not that i know of. There's the calm spell(can't remember the exact name of it) that will stop them from running but i don't think there are any mods.

#6 Posted by audioBusting (1663 posts) -

Well, you can use tcai console command but that turns off all combat AI too.

#7 Posted by Galiant (2197 posts) -

Why do you need to keep them from running? I can't say that it happens often

#8 Posted by Rowr (5824 posts) -

I think its fun chasing them down personally.

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