Peaceful solution to "Missing in Action" quest?

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Sorry if this has been asked before but I wondered if anyone else here has tried to complete the "Missing in Action" side quest peacefully. I chose this simply cause in most games like this where I can talk my way out of really bad situations I thought there would be a way to persuade the guards into letting Thorald Graymane go.

I had heard rumors that you had to join the legion and get a hold of a uniform then the guards at northwatch would let him go. However even after completing the civil war quest line being with the imperial legion. No such luck.

Any suggestions? Or is it even possible to resolve the quest peacefully? I mean why would they give you that option if you couldn't?

Again sorry if this is a repeat post.

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No, the peaceful alternative wasn't finished in time for the release, so they cut it. It was supposed to be possible, as evidenced by the ability to console in a "writ of release" on the PC version. They just failed to clean up the strong implication that you could complete it peacefully.

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@Storms: I had heard scant rumors about something along those lines but I didn't think it was true... damn

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The best solution in any situation in Skyrim is to kill all those Thalmor bastards. Why would you want to be peaceful? The Thalmor are all basically James Bond Villains.

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Guess I'm left with no other choice, ah well they can all taste the business end of my legendary Daedric sword.

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i was pretty disappointed of that too, there was an option where you could wear legionnaire armor and disguise yourself as a Imperial

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Hopefully someone will fix it once the Creation Kit is released.

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@Mikemcn: no they are to genaric to be bond villens.

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So I find solution for this quest. So first you must join imperial legion and then finish quests till you dont get a j. Crown. So when get i crown you go to general tallius and you have two option. Ask him to relese guy and he will give you a letter but dont give then crown if you wanna join ulfric. Od give crown if you wanna stay in legion.

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