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I'm trying to work on my pile of shame before the PS4. But i'm stuck on the 2 games on the top of my pile. Skyrim and Fallout3:GOTY. Skyrim i'm Dragonrending Auldin until he comes down then hacking away. But no damage. Should I be using a certain weapon? I'm 146 hours in, and I kinda just want to finish this off. Fallout3 im on mothership Zeta, on this observation deck waiting for this holographic message so I can progress. How do I trigger it? I've put 60 into this one and just want to power through this DLC to finish Fallout3 off too. Please help Bombers.

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For Alduin, the one thing I can think of after looking at the TES wiki is this;

After viewing the cutscene and engaging in battle with Alduin, it is possible that if you use 'Dragonrend' before he has finished talking Alduin will not take any damage whatsoever and/or to become stuck

  • Wait until Paarthurnax tells you to use 'Dragonrend' before you use it.
  • A known method of fixing this is by reloading an earlier save from before using the Elder Scroll in the Time wound. Also, leaving the location and fast traveling back to it fixes this.
  • Another method is to travel to High Hrothgar, enter and exit the building, and run back up to the mountain to resume the fight.

So, maybe that's what's happening? For Fallout, I'unno, I never played the expansions.

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I'm not being rude or anything but what is the goal of playing a video game if you're powering through it?

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@officegamer: I think after 146hrs on Skyrim and over 60hrs in Fallout3, I'm allowed to power through to the end LOL

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I'm not being rude or anything but what is the goal of playing a video game if you're powering through it?

Well, if I were that close to the end of something I would just plain finish it, even if it was terrible.

But, I do have to ask @tepiddeath, are you on the first or second fight with Alduin? If you're still on a snowy mountain then you have to fight him a different time a few more hours into the story.

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Reload to an earlier save (before you trigger the fight) and try again. If you don't have an earlier save, well...WELCOME TO THE ELDER SCROLLS SERIES, PLEASE ENJOY YOUR STAY!

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