Q: Dragonborn dlc how do I get souls?

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I'm playing through dragonborn now and I'm at the part where I need to level up a shout (bend will). I need 2 dragon souls to do it but the 2 dragons I have killed Miraak pops out of nowhere and says "FU this is my" (not really) and take them. Is this a glitch? I see post on gamefaq about Miraak glitch but not really explaining what it is really. If it is not a glitch how do I get souls for the upgrade?

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Can you go back to Skyrim and get them there? I had a bunch leftover from playing through Skyrim so this wasnt an issue for me.

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You can bank souls in Skyrim and bring them back. You cannot earn souls in the Dragonborn dlc till a certain point in the story I believe.

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strange he only stole one of my souls . just return to skyrim and visit any dragon lair they should give you souls

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one of the dragons I killed was in skyrim and he still popped up. I guess I should go back to a save before starting it and get some souls and do it again?

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@thebluthcompany: Wait wait wait, really?

...so that's why all those dragons I've murdered haven't given me souls? Like, they've just been dying and...nothing. Nobody stealing it, no ashifying dragon corpse, just...a dragon corpse.

I thought something bugged (literally ignored the story mission and did everything else first - found all locations and such), which wasn't too bothersome since I had a bunch stocked up, but was something I was really curious about. Haven't played in a while; should really go finish that up.

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I actually had to install a driver update to get it to work right, and I think I had a mod that was interfering also. If you can't get them going back to Skyrim, just google the problem, that's how I solved it.

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@capum15: Definitely finish the dlc; you get some cool rewards for doing so.

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ok found a dragon, killed it and got the soul.

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@thebluthcompany: Yeah, I've been meaning to get back to it, but other games have just happened. All the side stuff was definitely awesome...and I think it took me like, 3 hours or something stupid to just leave the first town (when, in the Quick Look, they left in about 20 minutes) just due to all the side quests and unmarked quests.

Started getting a little annoyed that the dragons weren't giving up souls near the end of that, but it's good to know why. Gives me more incentive to continue on. It's a great little island.


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