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#1 Posted by bioblood22 (420 posts) -

Should Bethesda work more on creating romances for the PC in their games much like some others have? 
I for one like them, I think they add a bit more depth to the whole of an RPG experience. I do however doubt that you will have that in Skyrim, but to me it'd be a nice addition to the whole "Open World" game play. 
And if anyone has any news regarding there being or not being romance option or options any news would be welcomed.    

#2 Posted by Vinny_Says (5709 posts) -

If they do I hope it's more on the Bioware level where it's people you might care about and not the Fable way of marrying NPCs you don't give a shit about.

#3 Posted by TooWalrus (13200 posts) -

Yes. I should be able to go into my birdhouse and do the Romance Dance in any Bethesdia game. Then Leafos should bring me Some eggs. After that, let the incestuous breeding simulator begin!

#4 Posted by TheSeductiveMoose (3617 posts) -

Fuck no, they've always been my least favorite parts of RPGs. Also keep in mind how sterile and lifeless the characters have been in Morrowind, Oblivion and FO3.

#5 Posted by owl_of_minerva (1455 posts) -

It doesn't work in games that lack a strong narrative focus, so no, I don't think Elder Scrolls games should have them.

#6 Posted by ThatFrood (3375 posts) -

No, it's barely interesting in Bioware games.

#7 Posted by Red (5995 posts) -

I think if it has strong enough characters, then yes. 
However, I don't think I found a single attractive female character model in ES4. They need to fix that, first.

#8 Posted by fox01313 (5073 posts) -

To me it might not give that much more depth to the game as other Bioware games have done but it'd be interesting to see some NPCs that you've had some personal history (romantic or other ways) with to make them a little more complete than all the nameless cardboard NPCs that were in Oblivion.

#9 Posted by drag (1223 posts) -

Romance and relationship isn't really the point of Elder Scrolls, it's about a singular hero, adventure and exploration. So, definitely not in the Bioware vein of things anyway, where romance goes hand in hand with having a squad along with you and building up a relationship with the various members. But, certainly, some more personal interaction with NPCs and named characters beyond just picking up quests from them or small-talk could be included and done well without changing the core 'purpose' of the experience. 

#10 Posted by Marz (5653 posts) -


#11 Posted by Hobbies (976 posts) -

No. It's an unneeded gimmick.

#12 Posted by Gabriel (4061 posts) -


#13 Posted by FancySoapsMan (5828 posts) -

No thanks.
Elder Scrolls games have never been about character interaction anyways. And as other have said, romance options in RPG's often feel tacked on and awkward.

#14 Posted by Zafmg (324 posts) -

How about  Bromance?

#15 Posted by DystopiaX (5310 posts) -

I think it could be done, it would be interesting to have Bethesda try it, they've done a lot of other interesting choices well, but character development never has been their strong suit. I'd settle with better NPC interaction.

#16 Posted by beej (1674 posts) -

Naw, even bioware punishes me for engaging in romance with hideously done romance cut scenes. I'll admit DAII was a large improvement but still...

#17 Posted by Twitchey (865 posts) -
@blacklabeldomm:  I bet I could marry that babe in one day.
#18 Posted by Stahlbrand (838 posts) -

This kind of thing is a much better fit for a game like Dragon Age, and not something I think could be included artfully in your typical Bethsoft game.  Skyrim, if it is anything like OB, MW, and FO3 (and we know that it is going to be like those games) just doesn't have the controlled narrative experience that would make something like a romance subplot worth implementing -- the great strength (and reason I love) Beth's sandbox action-RPGs are their breadth and freedom.  Bioware takes a much more linear and narrow focus in service of storytelling over freedom (which is their own strong suit), and that affords them a chance to develop character relationships over time in a way that just isn't comparable to NPC interaction in Bethesda's games.

So I vote no thanks.

#19 Posted by ReyGitano (2467 posts) -
@bioblood22: In Oblivion one of my houses had a maid. I consider her my romance. Imagination is a powerful thing.
#20 Posted by MonkeyKing1969 (2775 posts) -

They will not do it.   Sorry, to say it but having been on the Bethesda forums on and off for four years I can tell you they HATE anyone talking about adult situations in their games.   You simply cannot discuss sexuality, relationships, brothels, or anything alluding to sex on their forums.   You could be Brenda Brathwaite and discuss it in the tamest and scholarly terms and the mods will lock your thread.

There are three words they hate on the Bethesda Elder Scrolls forums: children, sex, and nudity.   Those are their deadly sins and within five replies, any discussion of such subjects is stopped.   They do not care what people think on these subjects, even if the point of view is “Please stopped what you are already Bethesda because you are doing it so poorly. 

#21 Posted by bioblood22 (420 posts) -

And yet in Fallout 3 you can have sex with a hooker, well "Implied sex" I think there's a word for people like that and I think it starts with an H.

#22 Posted by Aronman789 (2676 posts) -

Most of the mods are made specifically to masturbate to, so just get one of those.

#23 Posted by Berserker976 (361 posts) -

There was a side quest in Morrowind where you entered into a relationship with a Khajit, so there is at least precedent for it.

#24 Posted by Dustpan (1694 posts) -

I would be too busy exploring Skyrim.

#25 Edited by Nekroskop (2786 posts) -

God no. Leave the wifesimulators out of The Elderscrolls series.

I'm so sick of the norm that every new RPG needs a romance option.
 If you're so desperate for fake female contact, mod the game.

#26 Posted by BraveToaster (12589 posts) -

No, they just need to fill the game with a lot of shit to kill.

#27 Posted by triple07 (1196 posts) -

I would like it if they gave some kind of option.

#28 Posted by Brendan (7810 posts) -

I don't see how it would work well in a Bethesda game, but then I'm no visionary designer so who knows?

#29 Posted by shadows_kill (3165 posts) -

Yes cause i want 1 wife per city then bring em all together and see what happens. 

#30 Posted by FreakAche (2953 posts) -

No. This isn't Fable, and the BioWare approach wouldn't really fit in a Bethesda style game.

#31 Posted by Spoonman671 (4637 posts) -

If there weren't trophies for the romantic options in Bioware games, then I would do them once, see how dumb the sex cutscene was, and never do it again.  I just want to throw some fireballs.

#32 Posted by warxsnake (2650 posts) -

they can barely manage having the characters look decent.

good luck with that
#33 Posted by JeanLuc (3584 posts) -

While maybe not a romance I'd love to have a deeper relationship with a character then in past Bethesda games. I never feel connected to anyone, they're all just people who wait for me to talk to them so I can do a quest or something.

#34 Posted by Chop (1997 posts) -


I enjoy romance in my games if the characters and writing are good but Bethesdia...umm...they can't write for shit. Probably best to keep something like romance out of their games until they hire some sharper writers. 
#35 Posted by Beforet (2922 posts) -

Would I be able to set my mate on fire? If not then no thanks.

#36 Posted by Hardgamer (610 posts) -

As much I despise romance, I have to say that bioblood has a point in some cases.

#37 Posted by Helimocopter (369 posts) -
@ahaisthisourchance said:
" God no. Leave the wifesimulators out of The Elderscrolls series.
I'm so sick of the norm that every new RPG needs a romance option.
 If you're so desperate for fake female contact, mod the game.

something about that last line struck me as funny
#38 Posted by jorbear (2517 posts) -

I think that most C-RPGs should have romances at this point in their evolution, but I don't think that the Bethesda style of RPG needs it. The Elder Scrolls series has always been about exploring, discovering, and learning about the world and the culture of the people as a whole, not necessarily the individual. So while having romance options in Skyrim would be nice, it's not even close to being even somewhat crucial to the experience.

#39 Posted by JazGalaxy (1576 posts) -

This is the kind of crap that ruins games.

Gamers say they want features without actually sitting down and thinking out if and how it would make any sense inside the game world, and as a result, we get the same nonsense shoehorned into every experience regardless of whether it makes sense or not.

Bioware is now giving away more and more role playing elements in order to make this "story" business more prominent in it's games.

I don't want to see Bethesda do the same. We need someone out there who is still making Role Playing Games.

#40 Posted by Claude (16254 posts) -

Who put their Sims in my Skyrim? Yummy.

#41 Posted by m2cks (586 posts) -


#42 Posted by Jimbo (9812 posts) -

I'd rather have spears.  And in the game.

#43 Posted by Oldirtybearon (4811 posts) -

Perhaps "romance" is the wrong word, but I wouldn't mind having a deeper connection to a companion character than in previous Bethesda titles.

One of my favourite companions from New Vegas was Cassidy. She was funny, kind of dumb, and had a real bad temper. She was also probably the only character in New Vegas that seemed to have emotional responses to what was going on beyond the typical "I like what you're doing!" or "I hate what you're doing!" I preferred taking her along instead of say, Veronica or Arcade Gannon because she felt the most human out of all the companions. The only downside to that was the fact that it was a Bethesda game, and I'd never get the option to know her better than the initial conversations. I also found it kind of odd that she develops a crush on the PC if he (note the "he", I'm not sure if it's the same if the player plays a woman) remains a wild west good guy. That is never developed into anything meaningful, sadly, and I feel like it was a missed opportunity. 

Would I be down for "romance" in Bethesda games? Sure. Bioware has been doing them for a long, long time now, and they've ranged from pretty damn good to excellent from game to game. I think, though, that Bethesda would have to avoid the Fable approach. That's probably the most empty and shallow idea of love I've ever seen. I also wouldn't mind a more RDR approach, either. Rockstar San Diego made you fight for 30+ hours to get your family back, and they made damn sure the payoff was worth it on an emotional level.

With all of that said, I don't know if romance or deep personal relationships with NPCs is Bethesda's bag. They've tried it before with characters like Amata from Fallout 3, but that felt forced more than anything. Still, it'd be an interesting experiment, and it'd definitely provide you with a reason to fight beyond "Dragons be fucking up the world, son, gotta stop 'em!"
#44 Posted by bioblood22 (420 posts) -
@KingWilly:   "Dragons be fucking up the world, son, gotta stop 'em!" Greatest quote I've seen in some time, You get an A+ just for that alone. (your other comments were good too, thanks.)
#45 Posted by theguy (796 posts) -

I'd rather they spend the time putting in some more well thought out quests and loot.

#46 Posted by Arkwright (11 posts) -

I've never cared for the whole "romance" thing in games. Even when it's with characters that have some actual depth, which Elder Scrolls games have always lacked, it doesn't interest me.

#47 Posted by Dejkrigeren (384 posts) -

Only if it's with a mud crab.

However it would add a lot of wierdness if they made it possiible to have khajiit/argonian on human *rawr* *rawr*
#48 Posted by ToxikPandaKoi (109 posts) -

i just want obvlivion with more advanced gameplay mechanics. Cause I love how for oblivion you can choose to make a simple character or get really in depth with the character creation/leveling process's.

#49 Posted by Grilledcheez (3947 posts) -


#50 Posted by ArbitraryWater (11739 posts) -

It works in Bioware games ("works" being used in an entirely objective context, as the sex scenes in DA:O were hilariously bad, though the ones in Mass Effect and DA 2 were alright) because you're surrounded by characters that you're supposed to be attached to within a constant plot or story.

Bethesda is all about being open, and they aren't really that great at writing characters, which means that it'd have to be something like Fable, which I would almost consider a satire of how NPC interactions are handled in games except for the part where Peter Moleyneux is clearly into it. So the answer is NO.

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