Sanguine Rose/Elemental Potency issue

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So I'm level 30 and have had this Sanguine Rose staff for quite some time now, utilizing it on a fairly regular basis. At some point, it stopped working. Nothing to do with its charge, that much was for certain. I loaded up previous saves until I found one where it was still working well, which happened to be a couple hours back. No big deal. So I go about my questing and eventually notice that it's stopped working once again. This time, though, I notice that it happened shortly after I had chosen a new perk, so I decided it was time for experimenting...

Basically what I discovered was that whenever I chose the 'Elemental Potency' perk on the Conjuration skill tree, the staff became fucking busted. I tried choosing other perks (smithing, one-handed, etc) and the staff worked fine. I've read several similar complaints about this staff not working on various forums, but the issue was never linked to any specific cause. Can anyone who has both the staff and the 'Elemental Potency' perk care to confirm whether this is a universal issue or if its just a dumb problem relegated exclusively to my own save? It's not a game-breaking issue or anything, but it's bothersome in a very trivial yet nagging way.

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I just acquired the Sanguine Rose staff and it isn't working for me either. I also have the elemental potency perk, so that is probably the problem. Anyone know any fix for this?

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It seems as though no sort of conjuration staff works after you have the Elemental Potency perk. I just picked up a Staff of the Frost Atronach, and it doesn't work either. I decided EP and Twin Souls is better than the Sanquine Rose. My toon is a two - handed warrior type anyway. I just like summoning Dremora for fun.

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