Scariest enemy in the game?

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#51 Posted by Mogoping (107 posts) -

Fuck regenerators!!!

#52 Posted by Divina_Rex (365 posts) -


#53 Posted by MiniPato (2805 posts) -

The spiders don't bother me too much cause they're big, it's the way they descend from the ceiling that freaks me out.

#54 Posted by welshguy (41 posts) -

That goddamn troll bastard who leaps out at you on your way up the mountain. After my initial not at all girly scream I thought "hah, a troll eh! prepare to 'ave it my son!" It didn't go so well so i cheesed it up the mountain and hid in the village. Then just when i thought it was safe the bastard leapt out at me, i screamed again. But the villagers heard my screams and came to the rescue.

#55 Posted by Moloney (56 posts) -

Spriggans freak me out for some reason. I really don't know why.

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