*Semi-Spoiler* How many perks can you get?

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Okay, so I've read in many places that level 50 is the soft cap but if you like to "grind" you could conceivably get up to level 70.

Lets assume I'm a normal guy though, am I then limited to 50 perks (ie. level 50) or are there other ways to earn perks like quests or something.

I'm asking because I can't undo a perk once I do it so I don't want to put points into some of the it'd be nice to have perks until I know about how many I'll have. I haven't heard any definitive amount of perks granted though.

Rolling a archer with sneak currently. But was hoping to put points into alchemy, enchanting, light armor and smithing. Anything left over would go into destruction for the runes.

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I was under the impression you only got the 50 from leveling, but I could be wrong.

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I haven't found a concrete answer anywhere. But I was told you could continue getting perks until all of your skills were at 100.

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@WalkerD said:

I haven't found a concrete answer anywhere. But I was told you could continue getting perks until all of your skills were at 100.

How would that work if your actual level does not increase? With each level, you get 1 perk point and you can upgrade your Magicka, Health or Stamina. But if you don't level up, you don't get a perk point, right?

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@JoeyRavn: I think the idea is that the leveling slows down considerably after you hit 50. You'll still gain levels but it will take a ton more time/effort.

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Hmm, well what I've read is that you continue leveling up until all skills are at 100, which is supposed to be around level 70. And you do continue to get perks for levels 51-70... But again don't have a concrete answer on this.

My question was more do you get more perks from other sources such as quest or consumables somewhere?

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I've heard that to get to 70 you'd have to have every skill at 100. But you still earn a perk with each level.

Hell if 50 perks aren't enough for you though... I mean you'll be a god at that point. Just use console commands at that point.

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Its not as much godlike powers as being able to be a bit diverse. For instance, archery to the max is 16, light armor 10, the sneak skills I'd want 5, alchemy 13, enchanting 13. Add that up and you got 57, throw in smithing for fun and its up to 67. I don't feel like that makes you godlike. I suppose you don't need all of these things, but I think it'd be fun to have them. Hardly makes me OP, sure I'll be a archery god, but have no magic, 1h, 2 or speech, lockpicking etc..

I suppose i could pick either alchemy or enchanting, though I probably will have to forgot smithing as well which I was hoping to have. I was really hoping for 70 perks at lv 50 ( I had heard there were a bunch of quests that give perks).

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I remember Todd Howard saying that the "soft" level cap of 50 is when you will receive your last perk, you can conceivably keep going till all your skills are 100 but you won't gain any extra perks.

I'll see if I can find the source on that.

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I signed up to this website to help you people so appreciate it. ;) That is everything you will need to know about leveling but to high light some points and clear up some things for you in the short term:

Soft Cap is 50 because you continue to level up slowly. However, the actual cap is Level 81. Up until level 81 you still gain Perk Points. By the time you do cap at 81 you have nearly 80 points. At the soft cap you have about 50.

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I'm at level 73 and have still gotten perks at every level up

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