Should I turn cloud saves off?

#1 Posted by Bollard (5841 posts) -

I have a lot of saves now, 169 in fact. And every time I quit Skyrim, it decides it needs to re-upload ALL OF THEM. That's nearly 50MB of uploading every time, and I don't have a great up speed.

So my question is, should I turn dat shit off? I've almost filled it anyway - what did you guys do?

#2 Posted by Funkydupe (3321 posts) -

@Chavtheworld: I only use two saves per character, usually I find that sufficient in addition to autosaves. 169 saves is a lot. If you narrowed it down to 100 that's 69 less saves to upload and you'd keep the security of ze cloud.

#3 Posted by AhmadMetallic (18954 posts) -

Every now and then I go over my saves and delete like 90% of them, keep the latest 10%. When you're so far past the points where you saved "just in case", those saves have no value anymore, delete them!

#4 Posted by Bollard (5841 posts) -

@Funkydupe: @AhmadMetallic: Yeahh... There are a few saves I know I wanna keep, for making awesome timelapses some time. And others I can't even remember where the choices I made were. Although I'm more likely to go back and start a new character than use this one differently from an old save.

For Oblivion on 360 I had like two savers per char, but then managed to accidentally delete one of my characters, so I thought I'd do it different this time.

Plus, every time I load the game the save menu hitches up so so bad. It stutters and doesn't notice me clicking to load the save - I probably should do something there haha.

#5 Posted by wookie912 (23 posts) -

im having major issues with the game becoming a slideshow when it autosaves, causing me to have to restart the game. ive deleted some of my saves in hope that fill fix it. anyone else have this issue?

#6 Posted by Napalm (9020 posts) -

I didn't keep more than a couple saves.

#7 Posted by AlexW00d (6435 posts) -

You have 169 saves and it's only 50mb? I have 58 plus autosaves and it's almost half a GB.

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