Skyrim: Dawnguard DLC New Weapons Spotted - Review

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An observant fan of Skyrim has spotted an interesting detail in several with the screenshots [Link removed by moderator] of your game's upcoming DLC, Dawnguard. This is the latest Skyrim DLC News about this.

Dawnguard, that is slated for generate after this June on the Xbox 360 as being a timed exclusive, is going to be including a new questline involving a war amongst vampires and their hunters, the Dawnguard.

Also towards the new campaign, the expansion pack will add mounted combat (which has definitely been added in the PC version), along with a host of new weapons which include crossbows.

As I mentioned just now, a fan from the game has seen the look of new weapons in these screenshots, which seem being in silver—a metal feared by vampires and werewolves alike. We might finally have the prospect to upgrade the silver swords still left because of the Silver Hand brokers who hunt the werewolves in the original Skyrim campaign.

Despite the fact that the silver-ness from the weapons has nonetheless to become confirmed, it only would make sense that the Dawnguard will be equipped with this sort of potent weaponry. Following all, staking vampires wouldn't be the exact same without the need of a silver crossbow that fired silver bolts.

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