Skyrim DLC ideas? Werebears?

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Skyrim has been out for a while now and almost certainly no-one has has fully played and explored the entire game yet and it may seem early but I think we've all been wondering about the DLC (well at least I am) and will no doubt have another million hours of content. Personally I want to be a Werebear 1. because there cool and 2. because lore wise it makes sence. What do you want from the Skyrim DLC and do you think Werebears are worth putting in considering we already have Werewolves?

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If a Khajit becomes a werewolf, what do you call him? A werewat?

#3 Posted by Leptok (982 posts) -

Not DLC, but it would be awesome to get a coop mod on pc.

#4 Posted by themurcwiththemouth (10 posts) -

@Enigma777: I think it would be called a Feliswolf. (Felis being Latin for cat) :)

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Now, I didn't play Oblivion at all, but The Shivering Isles DLC was really praised for how fresh the environment was. I'm not bored by Skyrim's locale in the least, but new scenery is always welcome. If Bethesda is reading this and has no plans: Skyrim needs a Volcano. That would be molten hot awesome

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@themurcwiththemouth said:

@Enigma777: I think it would be called a Feliswolf. (Felis being Latin for cat) :)

The problem with that is it would describe a purely cat-wolf creature. Khajiits are already man-cats, so the term for a werewolf Khajiit should cover all three aspects of their nature.
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A new area in Skyrim where you discover an underground city that is filled with Dwarves.

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@Axxol: Yeah I totally agree with the idea of discovering where the Dwarves disappeared to and meeting them in person.

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Seriously. I'm with Jeff G on this. I've barely scratched the surface and I don't need DLC. And by the time I've played all this through, I want another game I think :/

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I want to fight inside the body of a giant dragon. If Zelda could do it with a friggen whale skyrim can with a dragon.

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Horse Armor.

But as a tongue in cheek joke release it for free.

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Like others said, a new locale. Crossing over to earth through a portal, possibly New York, to acquire the mighty boomstick to turn the tides of war.

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It would be could if they implemented an auction house to accommodate players that don't level they're Enchanting and Armor trees. I would make a ton of gold from selling dragonscale armor.

#16 Posted by Irvandus (3106 posts) -

@AiurFlux said:

Horse Armor.

But as a tongue in cheek joke release it for free.

No releases it for forty dollars, even better joke

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New entire areas, like Shivering Isles. Will gladly spend $20-30 for new continents to explore once every 6 months.

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More magic.

Let fists scale to One-Handed.

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