Skyrim does not detect my video card?

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Alright, just like so many others, I'm having issues. My PC can run the game, I ran the test prior to buying it. However, when I play, I have terrible performance because it refuses to use my better graphics hardware. Starting up the game, the only selectable graphics card the integrated intel HD graphics. I run the game, and it's awful. I'm on a laptop, and the good graphics only kick in when I'm plugged into a power source. I unplugged just to double check, and got the exact same performance. I'm positive I'm running this game on integrated graphics. Anyone know how I can force it to use my superior card?

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You could try turning off your integrated card (control panel, (view by icons) device manager -> Display Adapters -> right click disable the integrated one

Note, I have no idea if this will work, it's just a theory, I have no experience with more than one GPU or an integrated one. But this might force it since the other one will be disabled. I do not, however, know if your laptop requires that card to operate or something. If It did, I'd imagine there'd be an error, but like I said, I do not know.

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What kind of laptop is it? Mine does the same thing using Nvidia optimus. If it is an Nvidia card, you should be able to open up your Nvidia control panel, go to "manage 3d settings", click the "program settings" tab and then hit "add" (assuming the game is not in the drop down list). Then you just need to navigate to wherever you installed the game and select "TESV.exe" (I think that's what it was", and once you've done that you can set it to use the dedicated GPU.

EDIT: Oh, you might want to create a shortcut to the file afterwards, as I'm not too sure on whether it only works when launching from that .exe or if launching from the launcher (where you edit data files etc) will work as well.

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@Skyrider: BINGO! We have a winner. Thanks a lot. I don't have a Nvidia card, it's ATI, but it has the same function. I set it to the high performance card, and the difference was immediate. I'm really happy! Now, I can actually make it a bit prettier. Thanks a lot!
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I am currently experiencing the same problem, I've done what Skyrider said already but the problem still isn't fixed, would there be any other way to fix it? I have an NVIDIA 310M card.

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