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#51 Posted by dr_mantas (2534 posts) -

After 60-70 hours of it I have to agree with you.

Maybe I'm just easily entertained.

The biggest problem with it was the repetition. Every new city, new (original) quest was a breath of fresh air.

Take out the cookie-cutter idiotic "radiant" generated quests. Have less meaningless caves. Maybe less, but better quality quests...

Make the caves and the dwarven cities much smaller. I can't bear to spend hours in a fucking cave, going through similar looking walls. More interesting stuff in the open world, less in dungeons.

#52 Posted by altairre (1471 posts) -

People seem to take joy in bashing popular games.

I mean yes, Skyrim has plenty of flaws, but seriously, name a few other games in that scope. Since well, theres not. Like any. (aside from previous TES games) Bethesda is really the only place for that huge open world RPG style game, no one else really does that.

I think skyrim is the game people enjoy taking the piss out of the most. Since its a huge massive game, so beloved by so many people, yet has so many obvious flaws that are clearly just limitations of budget / development time / resources / hard ware capability.

The closest contender i see to "best open world RPG' is Fallout New Vegas, and while its arguably a better RPG, and that varies on taste, the open world nature in New Vegas is boring as shit. Theres almost no random encounters. walking from one place to another is utterly pointless if you can fast travel because literally nothing will happen. If in Skyrim i ride my horse from Whiterun to Solitude i'll encounter something interesting even if ive seen it before, SOMETHING will at least happen. In New vegas if i run from Novac to Vegas NOTHING WILL HAPPEN. New Vegas seemed to forget it was an open world game.

Skyrim is simply put a pretty damn amazing game. To everyones specific taste? Obviously not. But it's damn impressive in its scope and the amount of content it provides. Theres literally hundred of hours of unique content in Skyrim with a base game. I can personally attest to that. Most games are usually 10 hours. So yeah bitching its combat is slightly subpar seems silly.

Criticising an bashing are two different things though. I played about 30 hours of Skyrim and I came to the conclusion that it's an impressive game that, in the end, chew off more than it could bite. I realise that there are a lot of people who are willing to overlook its flaws in favor of the things it does well and that's totally fine. It's awesome to hear them talk about the great shit that can happen but for me all that falls apart the moment I try to actually play it.

What you call "bitching" about the combat is one of my two main problems with Skyrim. You spend a lot of time fighting stuff in that game and I think the combat system is just straight up bad (I mostly played with sword and shield). No feedback when you hit an enemy, wonky animations and barely any options except wailing on the attack button, blocking every now an then and running in a circle to avoid hits, heal yourself or trapping your opponent in the geometry. I find Dragon's Dogma a lot more enjoyable than Skyrim an that's certainly not because of its amazing storyline or graphics.

The second problem is that while the world is huge I just didn't think that there was anything all that interesting in it (story- and questwise). Most of the fun I had in Skyrim was exploring interesting looking places but I wasn't invested in the quest that took me there. Be it dialogue, quest structure or characters, there is nothing that stuck with me (except maybe the wabbajack quest which was kinda cool but not a big highlight). Skyrim fails to keep me hooked and even moments like when my horse kicked a dragon to death while I was in pretty bad shape can't change that.

In regards to Fallout New Vegas I can only say that I enjoyed it more than Skyrim but had similar problems with it. My biggest hope in the "open world RPG" genre is The Witcher 3. What the developers say about it sounds a bit too good to be true but I have faith in CD Project to pull it off.

#53 Posted by Legion_ (1718 posts) -

It's a game that is much greater than the sum of it's parts. Skyrim is a five star game if there ever was one.

#54 Edited by believer258 (13374 posts) -

I can completely understand where you're coming from, but there's still something so alluring and awesome to me about Skyrim. To put it simply, I love Skyrim in spite of it's glaring flaws. I can look past it's stiff characters and lackluster combat, because there's something magical to me about wandering a mountain peak into the early hours of a morning in the land of Skyrim and seeing the sun rise with soaring orchestral music in the background. I loved tracking deer through the forest's surrounding Riften and trudging through the thick snow around Windhelm only to spot a dragon off in the distance roaring, as if to challenge me to a duel to the death. My love for Skyrim and other bethesda games like it stem from the nonlinear player agency that make the otherwise technically flawed worlds come to life in a wonderfully unique way.

PS. After looking at the top of the thread again, I noticed this was the OP's first ever post. What an interesting way to introduce yourself to this community. Welcome! :D

Pretty much this. I'll acknowledge all of those flaws the OP mentioned (except for the color pallet, did you stay cooped up in Whiterun the entire time or did you go visit the forests, tundras, hot springs, ice caves, mechanical ruins, etc?), but I still love Skyrim so much just because of the world and the player agency that the game gives you to explore that world. Absolutely no other developer produces worlds that give the same feeling of wonder and awe at all of the things going on in the game, even if no particular thing is well done.

#55 Posted by Funkydupe (3476 posts) -

I liked Skyrim and I will play it all again soon. New Vegas is also a great game and I don't see the need to call a winner between the two.

#56 Posted by geirr (2991 posts) -

Game's fine.

#57 Edited by ajamafalous (12682 posts) -

Yeah, I don't think it's very good either.

#58 Posted by gaminghooligan (1757 posts) -

I don't know about meh, but there are certainly better games. A lot of what makes the game so appealing is the ability to create and shape a character the way you see fit in every aspect. Combine that with a giant world full of stuff to do and it keeps players busy enough to overlook some of the larger flaws in the overall experience. I think the next Elder Scrolls needs to focus on the game play, I would like to see a more in depth melee system. Games like Mount & Blade and Chivalry get the melee combat just right for me. Also I think a game on next generation hardware will allow them more room for things like detailed character animations. After playing the game with mods on my pc it became evident just how great Skyrim could be.

#59 Edited by Zelyre (1462 posts) -

I just want a Skyrim mod that makes combat like Chivalry's...

#60 Posted by d0m3l (74 posts) -

I've spent 100 hours in this ocean with the depth of a puddle.

#61 Posted by Demoskinos (17103 posts) -

Morrowind us superior in every way except on the technical end of things. Skyrim just falls headfirst into all the tropiest of fantasy tropes. Giant Spiders,Wolves and Bandits? Check. Ogres, Trolls ECT.. Check. Bland boring cities made out of largely grey stone? Check. The list goes on and on. Morrowind had so many more skill options,so many more covenants to join, so many more interesting enemies and locations. It was actually a pretty inventive game.

#62 Posted by Slag (6105 posts) -

What I don't understand about threads like these is why people don't post a review instead.

#63 Posted by chocolaterhinovampire (1445 posts) -

I played 140 hours of that game so I think my opinion is unhelpful here

#64 Posted by Solidfox (63 posts) -

I recognize Skyrim as an enjoyable experience. My problem was that I couldn't get into the world. I've never been able to get into the Elder Scrolls universe and I don't think I ever will. I just can't get into it like I can with Fallout. I can play hours upon hours of Fallout, but I can only handle about ten minutes of an Elder Scrolls game and think "Yeah I think I'm done for a while.."

#65 Posted by Jayzilla (2662 posts) -

I think for people that don't have vivid imaginations, that is a common response. RPG's require the player to interpret things. People with less than stellar cognitive and reasoning skills tend to miss stuff like that. No harm no foul.

#66 Posted by Levio (1834 posts) -

Skyrim is what you get when you try to stretch a AAA game across a huge landscape: you get tons and tons of content to explore, but each individual place isn't all that interesting.

But that's fine, since there's a million AAA game alternatives out there that do the opposite and cram as many huge events and set pieces as they can into a very short story mode.

#67 Edited by Slaegar (815 posts) -

I agree with all your points, but I still enjoyed the game. I made a stealthy bow assasin which was my favorite class set from oblivion and had a fun time.

The towns felt a little cramped this time around (as if they were built for really old systems or something). I loved places like Anvil in Oblivion and in Morrowind you could straight up get lost in a town/city.

@fancysoapsman Remember the first time you went out for a walk and OH GOD GUY FALLING FROM THE SK-ooooh nice sword.

@twinsunian I remember playing the Deadly Reflex mod and watching as every bad guy backflipped out of my arrows way. Which was cool I guess.

#68 Edited by darkest4 (419 posts) -

Decent enough game but I still can't believe this got GOTY over Saints Row 3. Ugh. I don't understand how such boring, clunky combat is acceptable in such a massive RPG. Give me even slow tactical turn based JRPG combat over mindless 1st person hack and slash any day. Everyone's got their own tastes though, so whatever.

#69 Posted by PonchoPowerPhD (41 posts) -

@bigjeffrey: Yes, I know there's a very active and very good modding community behind the game, but I'm critiquing the vanilla game. Also, you shouldn't leave it to the fans to fix the mistakes the devs made.

#70 Posted by punkxblaze (3035 posts) -

@slag said:

What I don't understand about threads like these is why people don't post a review instead.

Because then they'd have to write an actual series of paragraphs explaining their criticism instead of some bullet-points and a 'Meh.'.

#71 Posted by Aegon (6937 posts) -

I as well did not like it.

#72 Posted by PonchoPowerPhD (41 posts) -

Okay, Bethesda makes great world that deserve to be explored and they are, by millions of people. However, that's not enough for me a lot of the time.

Here's an example:
Fallout 3 had a way better world than New Vegas, but New Vegas had more interesting content and writing. That's the stuff that I really care about, and that's why Fallout: New Vegas is one of my favorite games.

Fallout 3 Developer: Bethesda

Fallout: New Vegas Developer: Obsidian

I want them to give the task of creating the next Elder Scrolls game(not Elder Scrolls Online) to Obsidian just to see what they do with it.

#73 Posted by Catarrhal (870 posts) -

One-sentence review of Skyrim:

If I wanted to collect cabbage, I'd go to the grocery store.

#74 Posted by ArbitraryWater (13533 posts) -

@slag said:

What I don't understand about threads like these is why people don't post a review instead.

Because they want attention.

#75 Posted by Hailinel (25787 posts) -

I now want to see a Skyrim mod where all of the melee weapons are replaced with pool noodles.

Beyond that, my main problem with Skyrim is that Bethesda again showed their incompetence with the PS3 hardware. Maybe those issues have all been fixed by this point, but I don't really care since the ship has already sailed for me. That version of the game was inexcusably jacked.

That being said, I did get some entertainment out of the game. I played through the Companions questline and actually found that pretty compelling on its own. But nothing in the rest of my time with the game before I gave up because of the bugs was nearly as compelling to me. And the random dragon spawns actually got annoying after a while.

#76 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

One-sentence review of Skyrim:

If I wanted to collect cabbage, I'd go to the grocery store.

Sounds like a missed opportunity for a mobile tie-in game: Dragonborn: Cabbage Collector HD.

#77 Edited by armaan8014 (5977 posts) -

@altairre: Witcher 3 is going to be the best game ever made my friend. You can have faith in CDPR :)

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