Skyrim SNES remix

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Hey everyone!

A few months ago I started a little series called SNES Generation pairing up a modern game/soundtrack with one from the SNES. I've just finished Skyrim with Secret of Evermore, both by Jeremy Soule, which was really fun and love his music. It starts off with 'Dragonborn' and plays on a few other themes including 'The Streets of Whiterun' - my personal favorite.

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Also check out SNESology for more great SNES tunes, there is also a little competition going on!

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Thank you very much!

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This is pretty awesome. Will check the other ones out

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This is great. Thanks.

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If there's anything I love, it's old game music. Fuck, it's awesome.

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Oh damn, this is pretty badass.

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Holy shit, this is awesome.

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